Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Minutes

I have been a bit obsessed with making these little skirts for the girls.  They are so sweet and VERY addicting.  I was barely able to sleep last night because I added a pocket to Lucy and Priscilla's skirt.  And since there was snow forecasted for today I went ahead and ignored that fact and dressed them in short sleeves anyway, brought them out in the snow with no shoes on, took some pictures then told them they had better get inside before they got to cold...all very reasonable things to do on a Monday morning while I should have been doing Jack's reading lesson.

But when I am doing Jack's reading lesson I am usually looking straight out the window (trying NOT to loose my mind when we are sounding out barn for the 30th time) and today with the snow falling I just could not focus.  I just love the way the snow looks on the bare trees.  Although I am just about OVER seeing these trees so bare. 

And today when I went up to Jack's room after quiet time I saw him sitting at his desk with lots of paper in front of him...I asked him what he was up to....He was looking at his clock and writing down each minute that passed.  He was documenting each time the clocked changed very very cute...he is my countdown king.

Please comment for the jewelry give-a-way...tomorrow morning Jack picks a number and he is literally counting the minutes until he gets to do that.

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