Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Gifted Friend and a Give-A-Way

There is a friend in Alabama I think of often.  She was the type of person who included EVERYONE in everything.  When I first moved there she invited Pete and I to The Great Adventure Bible study with her and her friends.  This is a 24 week Bible study and she invited me.... one of the first times she met me.  She did not hesitate in spending the next 24 weeks with me one night a week.

I think it went well.  I don't think she regretted the invitation.  At first I did not think much of her extending this opportunity.  I thought she was just dazzled by my witty charm and thought me amazing.  I thought she could not resist being my friend upon meeting me.
But the truth it...she is just an amazingly generous person who wants everyone to fit in.  She makes people feel welcome and included.  She does this so naturally that she does not stop to think of the gift this is to the people she welcomes. 
Over the 4 years I lived in Alabama I got to be good friends with Elizabeth.  She became one of my closest friends there and I knew that once I moved from her I would hope to meet another Elizabeth .  Another friend who would call and make sure I knew where the parade was and what time it started.  A friend who would bring extra flower to May Crowning because she knew I would forget.
I would like to feel special about this but I know I can't..she did this for EVERYBODY.  She could not help herself.
She knew what people needed and when they needed it.  It was just her nature to think of others.
I would tell her that I wished I had the same generous spirit she had.  She would laugh and not really acknowledge the fact that she was who I said she was. 

I miss her.  I miss lots of my friends.  Especially the ones from that Bible Study.  What a great memory that was.  It feels like forever ago. Sadly, if someone where to ask me to do that today I would probably have to say no. Life was different then.  More Little's than Bigs.  More time and freedom I guess.  But God put that Bible study and Elizabeth in my life just at the right moment...the exact time I needed both of them.

Pete and I keep talking about our time in Alabama.  What would we do different ?  Where would we live if we go back one day?  Would it feel the same?  Would we have the same friends?  But we all know that you can never REALLY go back.  Everything keeps moving forward.  But the one thing I know for sure is meeting Elizabeth and becoming her friend made me part of a group of people that I have come to treasure..and miss!

What does this all mean?  I need to invite that person over to my house that I just met(within know what I mean) .  I need to look around the room for the person standing alone.  I need to be more of the Elizabeth I know and take a little bit of that Alabama hospitality here to my new home!!


And just a little side note....
One day I was feeling especially home sick for Alabama so I did what any girl who likes a new necklace would do...
I ordered a necklace from my Alabama friend through her Etsy shop.
She makes great Catholic jewelry for a great price (her button is at the top of this page)

I feel awful because I just realized that when I ordered the necklace I wrote her a note and said I wish she had matching earrings to go with it.  She must have made the earrings special for me and just put them in the package with the necklace. 

 Fast forward to me getting the necklace....
I open it...realize there are earring with it...I think to myself...did I order earrings with this??  Hm mm....Que baby stashing the package on a shelf and kinda forgetting I put it there.
The point is...I never said thank you to Shawn for including the earrings.  I love them!!  I love the necklace and I am so sorry for not saying this all sooner.

Anyway..communion season is coming and a little girl would love the stuff from her shop...I know mine do!!


So...let's do a Give-A-Way...
go to Shawn's shop pick out what you would love to have..or give. Then leave me a comment.  I will have Jack pick a random number and the lucky winner will get to have their choice of Shawn's shop.

Like her on Facebook too.  I think she would like that.  I think people like being liked.
I think she is having her own give-a-way you can have more gear in your future!!!
Give-a-Way ends Monday...
Tuesday morning the person will know if they are getting a cute piece of gear from

p.s  another give a way next friend Hallie Lord has a new book coming fun is that..check it out..coming March 7


  1. The first person never wins, but I'll give it a shot anyway! Her products are all very lovely, it's hard to choose...I think I'd pick this one:

    Lisa,Thank you for hosting a giveaway!

  2. This one is my favorite...

  3. I love the bronze bird with green stones! Thanks!

  4. I gave up blogs for Lent, but I had to see what was going on with you (I couldn't wait until Sunday). We miss you down here in AL. Thanks so much for mentioning the shop! I'm giving away a pair of St. Patrick/St Brigid earrings on Mar 9, so everyone is welcome to leave a comment on the Axis Mundi facebook page.

  5. Oh my, I can't pick just one at this moment. I LOVE the mustard seed vial faith necklace and the bronze crucifix necklace. Gorgeous!!! Such a talented friend you have :)
    God bless your week-end!
    Heather S

  6. My favorite is the Filigree wrapped blue glass pendant. Thanks!

  7. Love the St. Patrick would go well with one of my Irish daughters! Pick me, Jack.....Pick me!

  8. love the bronze bird necklace, or the stone cross earrings...beautiful!

  9. The St. Brigid pendant!!! My little Brigid was due Feb. 1 (her feast day-- an unplanned coincidence!) but came 4 weeks early... after having endured 4 blood transfusions while still inside me. She'll be 2 months on Tuesday now and is my little miracle. I begged St. Brigid to intercede on her behalf at least a million times.

  10. I am going to strive to be more of an Elizabeth also. What a beautiful tribute.

  11. I reakky like the Filligree Wrapped Blue Glass pendant and the Faith Mustard Seed pendant. Lovely! Thanks for the chance to win.

  12. I like the bronze bird necklace, too! Or the one you have on, or the mustard see, or a guardian angel pendant, or a Russian Madonna and child. LOVE this stuff. Thanks for reminding me it's there.

  13. I loooove the Virgin Mary "Our Lady of Mt. Carmel" piece. Your friend does beautiful work. I hope I win!!!! Adrienne

  14. There are so many pieces I like... but I'd choose the pendant of St. Maria Goretti. I'd give it to my 15 yr old daughter- she has Down syndrome, and we chose Maria Goretti as her patron saint for her confirmation last year. :)

  15. What beautiful jewelry! I love the Madonna of the Streets bracelet, but I think my favorite is the Blue & Gold Set.

    1. Congrats Meagan!!
      JAck proudly picked out #13 and you were the 13th comment!! e-mail me your address and I will send you this bracelet!!
      Thanks for entering!!

  16. It is so hard to pick - beautiful shop! But I love the Filigree wrapped blue glass pendant.

    Thanks for sharing!

  17. The Filigree wrapped blue pendent is beautiful, but it is hard to choose. Thank you for the giveaway!

  18. hey Lisa, Mary and I were reading your blog so I let her pick something she would like. It is the Bronze crucifix with glass rondelles. I hope you and your family are doing well. We miss you all so much. The baby is precious. I hope we get to meet him one day! God bless, Angela Wilson