Friday, March 23, 2012

Eating Out

Pete and his family grew up not going out to eat much.  Pete always can make me laugh when he says that eating out for dinner was for the rich and powerful.  I, on the other hand, went out to eat much more as a child.  Not a ridiculous amount but mostly on a Friday night or some other weekend night.  We would meet 14 or so other cousins, aunts, and uncles and get a party of 16 sat in about 40 minutes or so.  This is what we did and we were NOT rich and powerful. 

When Pete and I got married I thought we would go out to eat a lot more than we did.  I thought, "Hey it's Friday , or Tuesday, or Thursday, let's go out to eat."  Pete was slightly horrified by  this.  He went from home to the Coast Guard Academy and both of those places were very much "eat in" type places.  Then he marries me and I begin to break the childhood myth that dining out is for the rich and powerful.  We were newly married, 20 years old, me still in college and NOT RICH AND POWERFUL.  He humored me for awhile and then we began to realize that when the bill comes to you and not mom and dad dining out is for the rich.

But still, even now with 8 of us going, (really 7..Drew still eats for free), and it being a small fortune, I can't help but have the urge to haul us all out every now and again for a meal that is not ordered by number.  These days I am thinking that Pete was right when he was little and the little kids of this family will grow up thinking the very same thing.

But why spoil for my children the wonderful treasure of feeling like they rule the world when every now and again a Grandma or Pete or I take one of them out to eat ALL BY THEMSELVES  and they get to order a real drink, not water, and not share it.  How fun for Jack to start his marriage with the same memory Pete had as a boy.  But his including the memory that only rich and powerful kids get to order a real drink and not share!!

p.s.  totally unrelated...that quilt my boy is wrapped in..I MADE IT!!  I am kinda freaking out over that fact because I have always wanted to quilt and I think I just did!!


  1. I love this story....thanks for the memories
    P.S. I love the are so talented!

  2. Beautiful quilt - great job! I made my first one not too long ago too - doesn't it feel great!

  3. A quilt is still on my to do list..yours is adorable. I better get after it.