Thursday, March 29, 2012


I must admit to still be glowing from the nice comments on my sweater.  I can't get over the way I feel after I finish a knitted project that I love.  While the joy is so sweet there is a bit of sadness that the project is over.  What do I move on to now??

This feeling is common with most things.  You think the joy will last forever and then...all of a sudden the realization comes that nothing lasts forever..good feelings or bad.  Payday is so fun and filled with joy..then the days go on, the money goes with them.  And you just wait until the joy swings back your way again,

How funny we can start the week off with one feeling and then end in a completely different place.  I think back to last weekend and the feelings that were stirred from that Sunday...and now I am basking in the glory of a new sweater, a payday weekend, and friends coming for a visit!!  Joy indeed!!

When I was just starting to know and practice my faith I would pray for patience over and over again.  Then I began to pray for joy.."Let me practice JOY, Lord.  Let me get really good at JOY!!" Because what do they say...God gives you the opportunity to achieve your prayers and grow in virtue through practice.  Let me practice  joy!!  Not that I had patience down yet...I just wanted to practice more  joy!!

Not always easy...even when happiness is all around me I can still see the sad ...when we have this big beautiful house ...I can still see all we need to do....when I look at my clothes all I can see is what needs replacing....when I see my kids acting kind and sweet I think they should be acting kinder and sweeter.  I want to be happy with the right happy with the joy I get to practice RIGHT NOW!!

Lent is ending and Holy Week is almost upon us..what have I done?  Should I focus on what I have done..or what I have failed to do?  Let me offer this one last Lenten sacrifice..let me look to the good vs. the bad that is so much easier to see sometimes.
Let me see all the God has done for me and be joyful in that!!!

Thank you my blog friends near and far for all your love this week.  I have bathed in the words you have shared and smiled in my heart!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A New Blue Sweater

 For people who don't knit this post may be painfully boring to read.  I guess it could be boring for people who knit too..but I doubt it.  So...where do I begin??  Maybe I should say that I feel the need to thank Andrew for these HUGE boobs I have.  You can clearly see in this sweater that my boy likes his milk and I am making a ton of it.... that we got that out of the way I can go on about my

I found this sweater pattern on Ravelry a few months ago.  A knitter I took a lesson from faved it and I like the different versions I saw on Rav.  I was intrigued....I liked that so many people actually knit it using the very cheap yarn  Caron soft from Joann's.  The whole sweater cost $5 to the whole thing.
And since I spent about $90 on my last knit sweater, that does not fit that great, I thought having a second go at sweater making should be done more budget friendly...just in case sizing was/is an issue.
I will take this moment to say I DO not gauge which is sizing kiss of death...but I have tried and I just don't get it.  I knit the rows and stitches and I measure and I am not sure what to do with the I have been skipping that step.

And for this sweater it looks like I guessed correctly .  I read lots of people's notes and when it was time for me to knit...I just picked needles I had and went for it. 

 Most of the sweaters from this pattern on Ravelry are knit with stripes.  I was going to knit mine in stripes too...but in the end I could not bring myself to deal with 2 balls of yarn.  And the very boring, non risk taking part of me went with navy blue.  But get this, my stripe color was going to be gray...very risky in deed!!

 I started this project right after Drew was born.  I wanted something with lots of straight knitting..nothing fancy.  This was perfect for nothing fancy.  I did no shaping and never tried it on as I was knitting.  Why I don't take the time for these things is beyond me.  Slow down I tell myself.  But I get to excited to finish!!  I can' help myself.
 But here I am,  project at 100% and I am happy as happy can be.  It fits!!  It fits!! I wish I made it an inch or 2 longer..but I think once my boobs go back to normal (?whatever that is?) I will gain some on the length.  I have worn it 2 days in a row and I love it.  I have not really left the house in it yet.  But when I do I am just dying for someone to give me the chance to say.."Guess what???  I made this!!"
Now...what would I do different...I would upgrade on the yarn.  I actually bought and knit this pattern using the Caron Soft from Joann's.  I liked the price tag but I am sad that this really CUTE looking sweater is made from cheap yarn.  I wish this were Quince & Co. yarn, or The Fibre Company Road TO China.  But maybe next time.  Then I could call this sweater my $95 in Paris sweater!!

p.s thanks guys for all the love you sent my way about my neighbor party thing.  It is so cool to feel the support of others and remember that each of us have situations that hurt and life goes on...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Can Kinda Be...

Sensitive sometimes.  I get my feelings hurt over silly things.  I let things bother me WAY more than they should.  I know this about myself so I am CONSTANTLY saying, "Self..get over yourself!" In what ways am I sensitive, you ask??  Let me count the ways...

If I e-mail someone and they take a few days to get back to me...feelings may be hurt.  And before I go on I must say that there are PLENTY of times that I have not responded immediately and I never think someone may be hurt by this...I think they must understand that I don't mean to hurt feelings...I just did not get back to them YET.  Why can't I use this reasoning with myself??  Good question....I try and sometimes it works and sometimes...I am hurt...silly me. 

 As I have moved several times and tried to make friends wherever I go I have come to know a fact that is not that fun to realize...not everybody will like me.  Can you imagine??  Not everybody will want to be my friend.  Shocking..I know!!

I guess the older people get they have a harder time masking the fact that they don't like you...either that or I am just more humble as time goes on to know that NOT EVERYBODY will like me.

What brings all this up??

We were all outside this afternoon and my neighbors driveway was filling up and ladies were getting out.  Emily said she thought it looked like Ms. Sheila was having a neighborhood party for the moms.  I thought..silly Emily...if she was having a neighborhood party then she would have invited me.  But as we stood out on the driveway I began to see some women from the neighborhood walk over and ring her door.  OK..silly me.  Maybe she is having a party and NOT inviting me...hello pride prepare to be swallowed...
One of the neighbors came over to chat and said that Ms. Sheila put a flyer in every mailbox. Not mine!!  I actually went over to the party anyway.  The neighbor who was standing with me dragged me over there saying..."She must have invited you and you did not see the bright red flyer in your mailbox!" And for full disclosure: us loosing mail with so many helpers getting the mail is not a far fetched I thought I did not want to look like the snobby neighbor NOT coming to her party.
But as I walk in she looks at me and says, "Oh, hi Lisa! I meant to invite you but I kept forgetting.  I am glad you came!"  I guess she thought putting a flyer in MY mailbox would be to..forward??? And I might want a personal invite since I see her 55 times a day because my little kids LIVE out on the front driveway and we say hi EACH TIME we see each other!!  It must have slipped her mind EACH time I saw her..even today as she was welcoming people in her front door while we were standing out TALKING to the other guests....

 Am I hurt by this?? Sadly I must confess...kinda.  I am !  I don't want to be.  My girls were sad for me.  They felt bad that mama did not get invited.  I felt bad that they felt bad.  I was kinda embarrassed in front of the neighbors that were there and REALLY invited. 
I won't give this much thought after this.  I think the reason why this stung a little was recently I was NOT invited to another party that lots of the other home school moms were invited ALL of them...or so it seemed to me.  And why should this bother me??  I am trying to not let it.  I know not everyone has to like everyone and people usually do not seek to hurt others.  I am sure my actions have been the source of other people's hurts as well.  We all do this.  I know..I know.

 Most of the time I can not go to these events anyway.  Why must I feel that I need to be invited then?  I guess that little middle schooler comes out in me and I want to be included. 

I stayed next door for about 15 minutes.  I wanted to leave really bad.  While she was explaining to me, in front of EVERYONE, the whole I was going to invite you but didn't business, I was terrified that I may actually be getting red in the face and a tear might escape from the lump that was looming beneath the surface...but a tear did not escape and all was well in the end.

No will go on.  I will continue to say hi 55 times a day to my neighbor. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Eating Out

Pete and his family grew up not going out to eat much.  Pete always can make me laugh when he says that eating out for dinner was for the rich and powerful.  I, on the other hand, went out to eat much more as a child.  Not a ridiculous amount but mostly on a Friday night or some other weekend night.  We would meet 14 or so other cousins, aunts, and uncles and get a party of 16 sat in about 40 minutes or so.  This is what we did and we were NOT rich and powerful. 

When Pete and I got married I thought we would go out to eat a lot more than we did.  I thought, "Hey it's Friday , or Tuesday, or Thursday, let's go out to eat."  Pete was slightly horrified by  this.  He went from home to the Coast Guard Academy and both of those places were very much "eat in" type places.  Then he marries me and I begin to break the childhood myth that dining out is for the rich and powerful.  We were newly married, 20 years old, me still in college and NOT RICH AND POWERFUL.  He humored me for awhile and then we began to realize that when the bill comes to you and not mom and dad dining out is for the rich.

But still, even now with 8 of us going, (really 7..Drew still eats for free), and it being a small fortune, I can't help but have the urge to haul us all out every now and again for a meal that is not ordered by number.  These days I am thinking that Pete was right when he was little and the little kids of this family will grow up thinking the very same thing.

But why spoil for my children the wonderful treasure of feeling like they rule the world when every now and again a Grandma or Pete or I take one of them out to eat ALL BY THEMSELVES  and they get to order a real drink, not water, and not share it.  How fun for Jack to start his marriage with the same memory Pete had as a boy.  But his including the memory that only rich and powerful kids get to order a real drink and not share!!

p.s.  totally unrelated...that quilt my boy is wrapped in..I MADE IT!!  I am kinda freaking out over that fact because I have always wanted to quilt and I think I just did!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I can't stop thinking of Carol and Mike Brady of the Brady Bunch...they were kinda passionate with each other in a very 1975 cute!!
We ordered season 1 which has 25 episodes for 14.99 from amazon.  That is like .35 an episode.  I am so excited about watching this with the kids.  Last night we watched the first 3 episodes.  It was so fun.  Pete never liked the show much as kid but I LOVED it.  It takes a lot for me to sit and watch a show at night...but Cindy, Marsha and Jan just might be the trick to me watching a show a few nights a week.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Tuesday

Thank you so much for the advice and sharing of thoughts from my last post.  We are pressing on right now focusing on what we are doing now..finishing 5th grade, 3rd grade and Kindergarten.  Lucy has been dying to get on the school list so I will soon be the proud home schooling mama to 4 kids!!

I finished a skirt for Emily this week .  I am still working out my skirt making skills and I am trying to improve with each new project.  I am NOT a perfectionist AT sometimes when I am nearing the end of a project I just PLOW through to finish.  I am getting better though...I think.

The top skirt of this double layer skirt was a bit to narrow and the underskirt was more as cute as it is I still see what I must be more careful of when I go to make Molly's skirt.

Things have been a bit quiet for knitting.  I am working on a sweater for myself but I do not LOVE the yarn so I am slow going there.  I need a little excitement on the knitting needles to get me motivated.

A new season is upon us and I love watching the things around our new home change.  I love to see the trees go into their spring mode and begin to loose the sadness of winter.  I love to see the kids transform the afternoon into more spring dirt and water fun.  I love to see the end of the science book and thinking that I may get to rejoice in another year of home schooling completed...yippee.

My parents are almost officially moved mom has been hopping around place to place and she just left us today.  Having people here is always exciting ..and sad when it is over.  We had a few months of living near family and now it is time to go back to the way it has ALWAYS been.

And this boy..this sweet baby boy.  I realize the last time I talked about him I was a little tired and worn out.  He was such a crier and super fussy.  But the heavens opened at about 8 weeks and now I have smiley, sweet, happy baby boy who loves to have us all love on him.  I have been eating him up and feeling thankful that his fussy early weeks are behind us.  It was a hard 8 weeks and now we are glowing in the after.
As much as I wanted to just enjoy his newborn age and just savour the sweet moments it was next to impossible to do.  Each time he was not sleeping he was SCREAMING!! 
We are on to phase II and I am rejoicing!!

And the girls just told me that some friends from Alabama may drive to Virginia for a visit for Spring Break...please come....please visit!! We need some good Cajun cookin'.

All this to report and it is only Tuesday....