Monday, February 27, 2012

Writing To Who??

I went back recently and read some of my own posts.  Kinda strange.  It's like I know that person and I think I remember being her but somehow I don't feel the same. 

I wrote so much more openly when I first started blogging.  I was much better about not writing to a specific theme or type of person.  I just jumped on, wrote something and did not look back.  That is not to say that I sensor myself much now,  but I do think about WHO is reading and what I should and should not share.

I remember the first time I told friends from my old home school group about my blog...I was so nervous thinking they would think I was so ...DUMB for taking random pictures and writing random things.  Then I got used to it. Never knowing if they thought I was dumb or not. I knew a few people read it regularly and I always LOVED knowing that...(they really do like me!! i am never to far from thinking like my old 8th grade self)

Since then I have moved and nobody around here really knew I blogged.  But somehow I have let the cat out of the bag AGAIN...and now I hope my new "friends" don't think I am super cheesy for taking pictures of my purse and trying to write witty things.  Writing to strangers is a whole lot easier than writing to friends...and somehow strangers have become friends....

p.s 4 people bought Emily's cards...that was the most exciting weekend ever for her.  She loved getting her sales and she is almost sold out.  She got one special request and she feels like a real artist.  Thanks guys for checking it out.  She was even more excited when the Etsy site said it had been viewed 125 times...that was amazing to us both.

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  1. Great pictures! Drew is really picking his head up on his tummy. I need to give my little Pete some more tummy time:)) Glad Drew has settled in a little more and the crying has decreased. Your knitting looks great. I just can't seem to find the time. Hope you have a good night tonight!