Tuesday, February 21, 2012

This Little Boy Of Mine

I had grand plans of taking millions of new baby photos.  I have been waiting for this chance for 2 years.  I bought this camera when Priscilla was about 1 and I thought to myself, "I wish I had this camera for when she was a baby baby."

I kicked off this new found mama hood by forgetting my camera on go day.  And to be honest, things have not gotten much better.  Getting lots of great infant pictures has not happened.  And not because I forget...

I can't get a picture because this little Prince likes to cry..a LOT!!

You may think it is because people are pawing at him all the time and you would be right about that...but it goes a bit deeper than that.  He likes to be held...BY ME..ALL THE TIME!!  He will sleep on his own during the day for short periods....but mostly he wakes then SCREAMS his head off. 

 I pick him up and try to calm him, but mostly nursing is the only thing that works.  So I nurse and then he is happy for like 15 minutes..then he starts crying and fussing WHILE I AM HOLDING HIM.  So I lay him down on the floor and sit by him thinking he may need to be free for a few moments....that does not work...

So what then??  I try to sit calm with him and pat his back and just be.  It is hard.  Because all the while I have TONS going on around me.  People needing to be fed, clothed, pottied, wiped, cleaned, loved, schooled and hugged ALL AROUND me.  I am not even crying at this point..I am just trying to figure out a way to be mama to this baby boy who did not get the memo that baby #6 must go with the FLOW...not stop the FLOW all together.

 Is it all as bad as I am making it out to be??  Not every minute.  I may be a bit dramatic right now.  But some hours and days it does feel dramatic..and then some days it doesn't.  He goes to bed at 7. Like he lays in his bassinet and sleeps just great until 10:00 when I go feed him before I go to sleep.  I hate to say that I have begun to count the minutes until 7 most days.  Not because I don't love this baby to pieces...but NOT holding him for a few hours is a break that makes me smile.
What does all this mean?  It means that I have to be patient.  I have to let this become my new season...the season of getting very little done during day time hours, having sore shoulders and back most days.  I have to remember that this won't last forever and that it is not as hard as it seems most days.  I know that fussy babies can become the most wonderful people..(my little Emily may have been this fussy...pretty close).  I may not be able to take as many pictures as I wanted to, or make as many spring skirts as I thought I would but there is plenty of time for all of that...right??


  1. Hi. I'm a new reader. Just wanted to say I had the EXACT same experience with my little boy also #6. He just turned 1. And he still has fussier than I'd like moments but as he has grown so have his smiles. But I remember when he was little looking at all the other babies who were happy and wondering what I was doing wrong. You are doing good mama!

  2. My daughter's sweet baby girl was super-fussy. It turns out that the baby was lactose-intollerant. The cure was to remove all milk from my daughter's diet. Unfortunately, there were a few hidden sources of milk that she didn't catch. The baby is now 6 1/2 months old and mom can drink milk, eat cheese etc. once again. Talk to your doctor, there are some stool tests they can use to see if milk is the source of your son's problems. In the meantime, I will say some prayers for you and your family. Fussy babies can be a bit wearing on the nerves!

  3. Like Pat, I had a lactose intolerant baby. He was fussssssy for the first few years. Silly me; eliminate all dairy from your diet as well as his. See if it helps.

  4. I can clearly see your frustration and feel your pain, but also keep in mind that you already squeeze more into one day than most of the rest of us get done in a week. If you don't get as much done, maybe you're just trying to average yourself out a little bit! :-)