Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Quiet Time

Ever since I have had kids the hours between 1-3 have been nap/quiet time.  Kids are either sleeping or in their rooms chilling out reading, playing or waiting to get out. 
I usually do stuff like laundry, finish up school stuff and whatever else the day calls for.

But some days this is what you will find...
Emily and Molly on my bed being silly and laughing at whatever they bring up.  We now have Andrew to keep us company during these silly giggle fests.  They make me laugh!
Emily's doll is wearing her first finished knitted project.  She made a scarf for her friends doll.  So cute..
She also made some special cards for her cousins. Her Aunt bought cards from her with a special request...the cards are coming Aunt Colleen.

Thanks to all who bought her cards...

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  1. So nice to stop on and get a look into your beautiful life!