Monday, February 13, 2012

My Stars..Look What I Scored

I LOVE thrift stores.  I love junk stores.  I love buying things from these places.  When I lived in Alabama my friend Tammy brought me to my most favorite store in the world, White House Antiques.  This was really a small junk store that painted its junk so it looked super NOT JUNKY!! The prices were great and the thought of going there and scoring a little piece of pretty was always super fun..especially going with my Tammy.  We were of one mind when it came to painted can never have to much of it.

And believe it or not...Pete likes going to these places too.  He loves digging through the old stuff and helping me NOT buy another piece of furniture for him to haul home.  Really, we just have fun together. And I really like having him along because he is never afraid to ask for a better price on something.  I would NEVER do that.  But he has no problem going up to the store owner saying, "Is this the best price you have for this?" I SHRINK away in the corner SWEATING because I am so nervous.  Why am I nervous???  Who knows.

Since moving here I have not really found my "White House Antiques"...a place that makes me swoon when I get to go.  But this weekend I got my swoon on.  Pete took me to Front Royal Virginia where they have a small Main Street area with several cute shops..some thrift stores, some junkish stores and a few REAL antique stores (stuff that I could NEVER afford stores..the real old stuff..not just painted up wood made to look old).  WE got a babysitter for the 5 other kids, loaded up Drew and took a snowy drive to find some treasure...
And treasure we did find....

And Pete actually let me buy some of it.  I usually don't expect to actually purchase anything when Pete is with me. We usually just look and he says, "That's cute...but do we really need it?"  But this day I took the right guy with me.

I feel the need to go over each item with you and how much we paid.  Sometimes I think something is a great deal and then I later on think..maybe not such a great deal.  Sometimes you over pay and sometimes you under pay .  But in the world of all seems to work itself out.

This was the first item Pete said yes to.  The shelf was $35 and the glass jars were $5 each.  I LOVE this shelf and wanted it last time we were in the store.  Pete got us 20%off..and I was freaking out in the corner...
Next up was the big splurge...$99 for this bench.  This particular store has a lot of reclaimed wooden furniture.  People make furniture out of reclaimed wood. This piece came from a farm sale in least that is what we were told.  It look to be hand crafted since there is NO official marking on it.  It is SOLID and green and lovely as can be...

Then I realized Pete was on a roll so I suggested throwing in the huge black bucket to store our blankets in...and while we were at it I needed the big red tray...and he said YES.  Bucket $25 and tray $25

We then left the high dollar store and went trolling in the thrift stores.  I scored a HUGE mirror that I will be promptly painting black...

(that's the mirror..)$23

Next was just fun stuff...

Some fun jewelry. Each necklace was about $2.  The wire frame is something I made this week.  More on that another day..let's just say chicken wire is not the most fun to work with...especially while holding a baby.

And my $4 purse that I just LOVE!!

And Pete grabbed a pewter beer stein.  He has been looking for one of these FOREVER...but they are usually really pricey.  This was $10.  So he was ready to throw down an extra few bucks.  But now the search is over.  It was kinda fun always hunting one of those for him.

Three lamps later, one for $4,  one for $7, one for $10, we loaded up and headed home.  Not before stopping at the grocery store to shop with just us and Drew.  A true treat!!

So how much is that...$217.  And maybe I am CRAZY but that felt like a lot of stuff for $200.  I needed lamps.  But the rest of it was a true want...not a need.  But it was a fun date and every time I look at our new finds I get a smile thinking about our day together...our early Valentine's.


  1. Great score! I was so happy to read your post. This is our town and I am so glad that I did not see you out shopping. I would have probably freaked you out by hugging you and kissing your newborn and telling you how much I enjoy your blog, like your pictures and I cannot believe that your baby is a month old and all that kind of stuff that would have raised your husbands eyebrows! Isn't that a weird thing about blogs, you feel like you know someone so well!

    I am glad that you found treasure. This town is loaded with great 2nd hand, antique and thrift stores. Next time you come out, shoot me an email and I can point you in the direction of our favorites!

  2. That's quite a haul! Very cute stuff!