Friday, February 24, 2012

A List

1.  I read other people's blogs and they do these list type things...daybooks, quick takes, right now's.  All fun, all random.  Here is my own...list of stuff.  No clever title , just a list.

2.  This Week:  I got 2 packages sent to me in the mail from dear friends who are SUPER generous.  They sent gifts for each of my children and tons of stuff for Andrew.  It always amazes me when people send such generous gifts.  I find getting to the post office a major achievment.  So far this boy has been clothed by the generous gifts of so many people.  He is a well dressed boy..and very loved.

3.  Speaking of..he is 6 weeks old now and since my complaining post he has turned a corner and seeming to enjoy his life a bit more.  He still is not a fan of others holding him but he has cut down on his crying and life feels calmer once again. 

4.  He has this intense stare.  He will crane his very strong neck to stare directly into your eyes if he can.  He will lock eyes and beat any opponent in a stare down.  Very sweet..a little creepy when you are holding him and trying to eat.  Having someone stare you down as you chew

5.  I have made it to the fabric store twice this week.  Once to buy material for this skirt.  I got home cut all the pieces out.  Then realizing I needed another piece for a pocket lining I accidently cut the pocket from the main skirt piece...oopps.  This is what led me back to the store 2 times in one week.  Last night I finished the cutest skirt in the WORLD filled with mistakes and me not really following the pattern at all.  The finished skirt is super cute and gave me confidence to try my own idea for a skirt.  I really learn a lot through each skirt I make, especially the ones that don't come out right...which are most of them.

6.  One day while feeding Andrew I went to Etsy and got a "store".  I have a dream of making things other people might like to buy.  I have absolutely NOTHING to sell or put in a store.  But I am ready for when I do.  What is the store called you ask...Little House That Grew.

7.  We painted the entrance hall last weekend.  It is gray..a color called porpoise.  I LOVE it and now I am begging Pete to repaint the newly painted kitchen.  Pete painted the kitchen during Christmas and neither of us really likes the color.  We are cracking open the porpoise tomorrow to do the kitchen.  Pete loves me. I hate painting.  I can't wait!

8.  Still contemplating what to "give up " for Lent.  Some days I feel like such a martyr ( a bit dramatic..but that word suited the feeling I sometimes indulge myself in)  already that I am not sure how I can bear to give up more than I already have.  My sleep Lord?  My ability to go out Lord?  Me having my arms full most moments of the day trying to get things done Lord?  Are these things enough?  I fear not.  I feel the need to find something that hurts...but I am struggling with the ability to feel more ...struggle.  I have added things for myself and the children.  I have a renewed sense of offering things up and uniting my small sacrifices to God's.

9.  I sometimes wonder why I what end?  What is the point?  I make no money!  I gain few new readers.  I am unable to comment back to the sweet people who comment to me.  I am not always good at taking pictures and I have no lifestyle to sell you.  But I like to share and I like to be here.  So that is where I land.  Sometimes I want more...sometimes I want nothing....


  1. Gorgeous Baby! ...I'm sure your skirt is awesome...I can't wait to see it...

    Have a lovely day!

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  3. Oh, goodness. I was hoping to ask you a question, so I'm hoping you can reply. :) We just found out we're expecting #5 (a surprise, and I couldn't be more thrilled), but we're running out of room in our minivan. I am looking at the options for a family of 7, and I'd like some cargo space for when we travel, plus an extra seat or two for friends. And I thought, I wonder what The Little House that Grew drives?! I'm looking into a Honda Pilot (which doesn't seem that spacious, even though it has 8 seats), and the Ford Excursion and the Chevy Suburban. Any thoughts?

    1. We have a Suburban (but only 3 children)- we find it very roomy, but I would say it depends on the ages of your children. Are they still in carseats? We have bucket seats in the middle row- which are awesome! But getting more than 2 carseats or boosters in the back would be a little squished! There's lots of room in the back for packing and it is actually very easy to drive! I really love ours. Hope this helped!

    2. Thanks, Cary. We will have five kids, all in carseats. When this little one arrives, the others will be 6, 4.5, 3, and 1.5. I can fit 3 carseats across the back of the Odyssey, and I bet I'd be able to with the Suburban, too. My only fear is reliability. I love my Honda with all my heart, and it's never needed anything other than routine maintenance. Is the Suburban equally reliable? I do appreciate your feedback!

    3. Hi Annie!
      This is Lisa's Husband, Pete. I couldn't help myself when it comes to fielding car questions. I don't know why, come to think of just seems like something I ought to do. Anyway, we had a Chevy Suburban too. Lovely car. Cruddy gas mileage. Lotsa first. As we grew, the car shrank. Seats became premium. Similar to the airlines, we started to charge an upgrade fee (picking weeds, doing the dishes, etc.) if you wanted to sit in the middle row...all had to pay...including visiting grandparents. The rear seat can be pain incarnate. The older ones used to get car sick in the back and, if we put the car seats in the very back, we felt like people doing yoga if we had to buckle up the little ones. We finally upgraded to a Chevy Express van. 12 seater. No DVD player. AM/FM radio. Will not fit in a standard garage (need a motor pool type bay...or a spare aircraft hanger). Highly recommend the sliding side door (not the barn doors) and get the side running boards. Terrible, terrible gas mileage; but hey, we don't have cable TV-so it is a financial "push". As a bonus, grandparents and visiting aunts/uncles can all pile in and have a seatbelt (which was (ahem) not always the case with the 'burb). Socially, it fits in with the homeschool-large family group but when I took it to work I had to handle all sorts of wisecracks (Truthfully, some of them were pretty funny). Anyway, Best of luck as you shop for your new wheels, cngrats on the little one, and I will pray for your husband. Car shopping is NO fun.

    4. I thought I'd chime in here as well. We currently have 8 children, so we've made our way through different vehicles. We drove a Suburban for several years and LOVED it - plenty of cargo space, very comfortable, doors on both sides for people to get in and out. We drove that until I was pregnant with our 7th baby and we outgrew it. Hubby and I were both sad to see it go - we loved it! And it was very reliable even though it lots of miles. And of course it got terrible gas mileage. Once we outgrew the Suburban, we bought a Ford 15 passenger. SO happy with this decision! When we just had the six children, we could take out the two rear seats and fit LOTS of cargo - we even put ALL our bikes in the back to go biking. It was so nice to have extra seats to take friends or relatives with us, or just to separate squabbling siblings. (Although we loved the Suburban, it was sometimes a tight fit with all the seats filled!) Now that we have 8 children, we typically keep the rear seat out to allow room for groceries, strollers, etc. (There is virtually no cargo space with the rear seat in) We can easily put the seat in if we want to bring extra people with us. I agree with Pete on the sliding door - I don't have to worry about the kids hitting another parked car with our car door. Anyway, Good luck with finding a good fit for your family!

    5. Thank you so much, Pete & Janice. Glad to hear the Suburban was reliable. I still don't know what we'll do, but I feel more informed!

  4. I ask myself the same question about blogging. I just found your blog last week and don't stop because people just sharing real honest life is so encouraging to me--so thank you!

  5. Sometimes you have more to give than you think!

  6. Andrew baby looks JUST LIKE PETE in the first photo! And as for Lent, my little one is 7 weeks today and I'm running around crazy with my older 2 (that's right... just 3 to your 6!). I gave up facebook. I was never into it much until my baby was sick in the womb and needed blood transfusions-- FB was how I kept everyone in the loop without sending 1,000 e-mails. Then, I found I was logging on ALL the time with my iphone. It was in the way of being present with the kids. SO, my thought is that during Lent, I'll be more present by removing something that keeps me from being great at the vocation God has given me. Also, instead of giving something up, you could add something-- maybe a daily/twice-a-week rosary with the kids? Once a week? Or instead of reading "X" book during a feeding, use that time to read something spiritual? Or use nighttime feedings for prayer (that's when I get sucked in to reading blogs on the iphone if I'm not careful!!). Just some thoughts.

  7. You give to a lot of us through your love of your family and life and God. I just found your blog recently and although I don't comment much, I enjoy reading your posts. It takes me back to the days when my children were small, and believe it or not, I usually wish I was back there with the crying babies and all the other chaos that consumes your life right now. My "baby" is now 23 and all of my children live far away. The closest is over 300 miles from home and oh, how their father and I miss them all. But they have their lives and spouses and children of their own and that's as it should be. However, that doesn't stop this grandma, (am I only 52 years old?), from longing for the years when they were small and "would watch me eat". At the time I wished these phases would hurry up and pass, now I would give anything to have them back. Do I sound maudlin? Oh I hope not. I'm proud of our children and the adults they've grown up to be. All are caring, loving and active in their faith and great about calling us, but I do miss them.

    So my dear, your blog is wonderful. I love seeing your pictures of your sweet family and hearing of your day to day "stuff". I've been there and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.



  8. I'm a new reader and I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog :)

  9. I'm a new reader as well and really enjoy your blog! I've newly discovered knitting, but can't seem to get the hang of the purl stitch, so another class seems to be in my future! haha. Anyways, your knitting and sewing inspires me, and I know just what you mean with the colicky baby who wants to be held all the time (mine wouldn't sleep if he wasn't held - some people think it's just crazy that a newborn baby won't sleep, but it's true, he would NOT sleep laying down ANYWHERE but in my arms.) I found the Moby wrap a life saver at the time. It seemed as if 6-8 weeks of age was his turning point, and he was much better at about 12 weeks. The sleep deprivation is killer, but hang in there! You are doing a great job!