Tuesday, February 14, 2012

His Words

Last week I was down in the basement painting some picture frames.  I was looking for something to rest the paintbrush on so I began to rummage through some of the boxes that are stacked in the corner.  As I was looking an old High School picture caught my eye.  I glanced down and saw my bigger than life hair.  I laughed a little thinking..."That is so me...if big hair is in I have to have the biggest!" I will admit that this was not an attractive look on me and I am so sorry I ever went that far for big hair.  I kinda got sucked in to looking through this box.  Two years ago when my parents moved from their house my mom gave me this box filled with high school stuff.  I shoved the box in the back of my car and never glanced at it again, until last week.

So as I was accidentally going down memory lane I found an envelope filled with little folded pieces of paper.  I thought I recognized the handwriting but until I unwrapped the little pieces of paper I was not sure.  As soon as I held the first note I was smiling ear to ear.  These were all notes from Pete.  Notes he had written me a long time ago.

 I was kinda shocked that I had kept these particular notes.  Pete and I were friends in high school but never dated.  I am not much of a sentimental keepsake kinda gal, especially when it comes to high school stuff.  But for some reason when I left my parents house at 17, 2 years before Pete and I started dating, I did not throw these away. 

While I was reading through a few of the notes I could not help but fall in love with that tall, skinny, football player all over again.  I was standing there feeling so lucky.  I got him.  I actually married him.  Who would have thought?  I was standing in OUR basement looking back at 2 people who knew nothing of the future ahead of them.  The notes that ended with him telling me how much he hated track all of a sudden felt like a gift from the past, a chance to remember just how far we have come together. 

I love his words.  I always have.  I love his handwriting and I love how he writes.  I miss the days of getting a letter from him while he was deployed.  I love how he loved me through his letter.  I love how he is still a guy I liked in high school through the letters I found in our basement.

I put the letters in the sugar can in the kitchen.  I could not keep them in that random box anymore.  I love that I have these and they were meant to be kept even if I don't remember keeping them....

Happy Valentines Day


  1. This is amazing! Thanks!

    Also, wanted to let you know I am hosting my first link up. Join in!


  2. That is so sweet! My husband and I dated in high school and I was surprised that HE had saved some of our notes...they seem so silly now...but what a window into the past...

    Have a lovely day!