Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gray..All Day

I can't tell you how sad this day has been.  My Great-Uncle passed away last night after 94 long happy years.  What a live that long and get so much time with your family.

At the same time a Coast Gaurd helicopter crashed into Mobile Bay in Alabama from the Air Station we just moved from.  Doing a training flight Pete used to do all the time.  The whole crew is dead..young men with young families.  It is unspeakable.  Pete knew most of the guys, 3 out of the 4.  All good guys, all very young.

The Coast Guard is kinda small so when something like this happens it is very close to home and very hard.  This day has been gray and rainy all day.  It just seems like the whole atmosphere is sad.

Prayers to all the families that will be affected by these boys.  Prayers to anyone dealing with such tragic loss.  Every moment is a gift ...and you just never just never know.


  1. So sorry for these losses. An infinite presence is with us - is with these souls - even in the darkest moments. We have infinite value because we can have a relationship with the presence that summoned each of us into being. That is everything. God bless you.

  2. So sorry. I'll be praying for all the families.

  3. Pete & Lisa~
    Our prayers are with you during this sad time. We don't know many of the fliers but a few. The best man in our wedding was the pilot of the C-130 that crashed in CA a couple years ago. The Coast Guard is so small and intimate that something like this is just heart wrenching. Prayers to your family as well as the families of the men.


  4. Lisa, I am so sorry for your loss. Uncle Arthur was a lovely man, and he will be greatly missed.
    My heart is aching for the Coast Guard families. What a tragedy.

  5. New to the blog and love it! Tragic news, indeed, and my heart and prayers go out to you and to the Coast Guard families. Beautiful family, Pete and Lisa. Miss you all.


  6. Oh, I'm so sorry Lisa. My prayers will be with your family and the families of those men who died so tragically. My heart goes out to their wives and children. It's at times like this that words are so inadequate, but the Holy Father knows our most intimate thoughts and can bring peace and comfort.



  7. Our prayers go out to your Great Uncle and family, as well as to those families going through their loss.

  8. All I could think of when I heard the chopper went down was "thank God I know it is not Pete," and then I felt guilty because some people did lose their husband, dad, son, brother..but I am still thankful Pete is safe. I knew you must know them; i am so sorry. We miss you down here in AL. You gave a certain cheerful color to our group, even on a gray day. We were never really close, I know, but I do miss you. Love, Bridget Peach

  9. I am so deeply sorry for your loss. I pray for healing and strength for all of those touched by these deaths.