Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gray..All Day

I can't tell you how sad this day has been.  My Great-Uncle passed away last night after 94 long happy years.  What a live that long and get so much time with your family.

At the same time a Coast Gaurd helicopter crashed into Mobile Bay in Alabama from the Air Station we just moved from.  Doing a training flight Pete used to do all the time.  The whole crew is dead..young men with young families.  It is unspeakable.  Pete knew most of the guys, 3 out of the 4.  All good guys, all very young.

The Coast Guard is kinda small so when something like this happens it is very close to home and very hard.  This day has been gray and rainy all day.  It just seems like the whole atmosphere is sad.

Prayers to all the families that will be affected by these boys.  Prayers to anyone dealing with such tragic loss.  Every moment is a gift ...and you just never just never know.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Quiet Time

Ever since I have had kids the hours between 1-3 have been nap/quiet time.  Kids are either sleeping or in their rooms chilling out reading, playing or waiting to get out. 
I usually do stuff like laundry, finish up school stuff and whatever else the day calls for.

But some days this is what you will find...
Emily and Molly on my bed being silly and laughing at whatever they bring up.  We now have Andrew to keep us company during these silly giggle fests.  They make me laugh!
Emily's doll is wearing her first finished knitted project.  She made a scarf for her friends doll.  So cute..
She also made some special cards for her cousins. Her Aunt bought cards from her with a special request...the cards are coming Aunt Colleen.

Thanks to all who bought her cards...

Monday, February 27, 2012

Writing To Who??

I went back recently and read some of my own posts.  Kinda strange.  It's like I know that person and I think I remember being her but somehow I don't feel the same. 

I wrote so much more openly when I first started blogging.  I was much better about not writing to a specific theme or type of person.  I just jumped on, wrote something and did not look back.  That is not to say that I sensor myself much now,  but I do think about WHO is reading and what I should and should not share.

I remember the first time I told friends from my old home school group about my blog...I was so nervous thinking they would think I was so ...DUMB for taking random pictures and writing random things.  Then I got used to it. Never knowing if they thought I was dumb or not. I knew a few people read it regularly and I always LOVED knowing that...(they really do like me!! i am never to far from thinking like my old 8th grade self)

Since then I have moved and nobody around here really knew I blogged.  But somehow I have let the cat out of the bag AGAIN...and now I hope my new "friends" don't think I am super cheesy for taking pictures of my purse and trying to write witty things.  Writing to strangers is a whole lot easier than writing to friends...and somehow strangers have become friends....

p.s 4 people bought Emily's cards...that was the most exciting weekend ever for her.  She loved getting her sales and she is almost sold out.  She got one special request and she feels like a real artist.  Thanks guys for checking it out.  She was even more excited when the Etsy site said it had been viewed 125 times...that was amazing to us both.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Too Many To Choose From

Sometimes it is hard to choose your favorite one..picture I mean!!
Happy Sunday

Friday, February 24, 2012

We Have An Item For Sale

Two Posts in one day...what in the world??

Well...I would like to invite you to shop my little shop and thrill a little girls to no end..

Here is a peek...

Click here to shop my Etsy shop Little House That Grew..excuse the boring store front but we just opened and I have been super busy doing OTHER things around here...a cuter shop will be here before you know it...

A List

1.  I read other people's blogs and they do these list type things...daybooks, quick takes, right now's.  All fun, all random.  Here is my own...list of stuff.  No clever title , just a list.

2.  This Week:  I got 2 packages sent to me in the mail from dear friends who are SUPER generous.  They sent gifts for each of my children and tons of stuff for Andrew.  It always amazes me when people send such generous gifts.  I find getting to the post office a major achievment.  So far this boy has been clothed by the generous gifts of so many people.  He is a well dressed boy..and very loved.

3.  Speaking of..he is 6 weeks old now and since my complaining post he has turned a corner and seeming to enjoy his life a bit more.  He still is not a fan of others holding him but he has cut down on his crying and life feels calmer once again. 

4.  He has this intense stare.  He will crane his very strong neck to stare directly into your eyes if he can.  He will lock eyes and beat any opponent in a stare down.  Very sweet..a little creepy when you are holding him and trying to eat.  Having someone stare you down as you chew

5.  I have made it to the fabric store twice this week.  Once to buy material for this skirt.  I got home cut all the pieces out.  Then realizing I needed another piece for a pocket lining I accidently cut the pocket from the main skirt piece...oopps.  This is what led me back to the store 2 times in one week.  Last night I finished the cutest skirt in the WORLD filled with mistakes and me not really following the pattern at all.  The finished skirt is super cute and gave me confidence to try my own idea for a skirt.  I really learn a lot through each skirt I make, especially the ones that don't come out right...which are most of them.

6.  One day while feeding Andrew I went to Etsy and got a "store".  I have a dream of making things other people might like to buy.  I have absolutely NOTHING to sell or put in a store.  But I am ready for when I do.  What is the store called you ask...Little House That Grew.

7.  We painted the entrance hall last weekend.  It is gray..a color called porpoise.  I LOVE it and now I am begging Pete to repaint the newly painted kitchen.  Pete painted the kitchen during Christmas and neither of us really likes the color.  We are cracking open the porpoise tomorrow to do the kitchen.  Pete loves me. I hate painting.  I can't wait!

8.  Still contemplating what to "give up " for Lent.  Some days I feel like such a martyr ( a bit dramatic..but that word suited the feeling I sometimes indulge myself in)  already that I am not sure how I can bear to give up more than I already have.  My sleep Lord?  My ability to go out Lord?  Me having my arms full most moments of the day trying to get things done Lord?  Are these things enough?  I fear not.  I feel the need to find something that hurts...but I am struggling with the ability to feel more ...struggle.  I have added things for myself and the children.  I have a renewed sense of offering things up and uniting my small sacrifices to God's.

9.  I sometimes wonder why I what end?  What is the point?  I make no money!  I gain few new readers.  I am unable to comment back to the sweet people who comment to me.  I am not always good at taking pictures and I have no lifestyle to sell you.  But I like to share and I like to be here.  So that is where I land.  Sometimes I want more...sometimes I want nothing....