Friday, January 20, 2012

Week In Review

 I am just about to celebrate being home with Drew for 1 week now.  There has been so much packed into everyday and moments that will never return.  Bringing home a new baby is both the most exciting and exhausting process EVER.  All the kids are so excited to have him here with us finally.  But the energy level is off the charts.  Everybody is finding the new normal and it takes some energy.
It took a few days to feel human again after the c-section but when I finally did feel felt SO good to feel good.  I was super excited to take Drew out for the first time as a family.  Before I had him I had basically stayed home for days on end because I felt so awful it was hard to get out with everyone.  Once I felt better I was itching to get out of the house.   So we all headed out to Target and then we decided to go out for pizza for lunch where we promptly locked our keys in the car....

Not the best first outing ever....

With each new day we are finding our new way.  Having  a 10 year old in the house is just about the greatest thing ever.  As my friend once said, "All new moms should be issued a 10 year old girl to take home with her newborn!"  I agree!!

He smells so good, he is so soft and I just sniff him all day.  He is here and I am wanting to freeze this time...

But time marches on.  Pete starts school Monday.  We are starting our school on Monday.  My parents are moving from Virginia. Life is always changing and some changes are not as fun as others.

And just to be real...I wanted to get some good shots of Drew one the start of the photo shoot Drew was less than is what the first few pictures looked like..hardly blog worthy...

And then suddenly he felt the sun on his face, the heat from the fire and....

All was well with the world once again...


  1. So sweet! My little Pete is 3 weeks and 1 day, and can already tell it's gonna be a long night tonight! It's nice to know I'm not alone:))

  2. Awesome shots, Lisa! This one definitely favors you and Emily. My baby sister was born when I was 10---what fun!!


  3. Great pictures, Lisa! Little Drew is a perfect subject. We are all enjoying "seeing" him on your blog because we can't see you in person. Glad to hear you are feeling better and up and about-a world without the Melnicks is just no fun at all!

  4. Oh my! What a miracle! It just takes my breath away to see a brand new life. So sorry to hear your parents are moving...Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures.

  5. Those shot of him sleeping...just melt my little heart. He is precious. Love his hats....and his blankets...don't tell me you knitted those too!

  6. He is beautiful. Congratulations to you all. We can't wait to meet him!!!

  7. He is so cute-such a little man-and so strong lifting his head up too! Congratulations! Love the name-I have an Andrew and used James as a middle name for my last son, so I am partial!

  8. Please, please, please, tell us about those hats! I see them in my sleep and I think my #6 NEEDS one when he/she is born!