Wednesday, January 25, 2012

To Be His Kid

Is to always have someone to play in the snow with...

 To have fun with and laugh with.
 To tickle with at night and wait for a special good night.

 To walk with...
 And be with...

How lucky are they to have a him in their days...


  1. Nothing better (or sexier) than a GREAT Dad! Hope you're getting some decent sleep, and lots of cuddle time.

    I was wondering Lisa if you co-sleep with your babies or put in bassinet? I'm going back and forth with this one, and thought I would ask a Mom of 6 what works for her.

    1. We do half and half. The night starts with baby in bassinet near my bed but far away so every grunt does not have me hopping up. He wakes the first time and will usually go back to the bassinet. But the next time ha wakes he refuses to go back in the bassinet. So then he sleeps with me until I sneak out of bed. We usually keep this up for the

    2. First few months. But to be honest each time makes me feel like a rookie. I am always conflicted myself. This time I just need to sleep and each nIght is a gamble as to how much I will get. Congrats in your baby and I have thought of you when I awake at night. Nice to know other mamas are right were I am.

  2. I enjoy your blog day after day.The RED is fab we must be thinking alike....Our bedroom is Red as well,now I am pregnant and we will be doing an add on to the house I am hoping we have an girl so she can have an red room with WHITE furniture.Your hubs ROCKS!!!!Your family is just awesome and beautiful.I love seeing your photos.

    Many Blessings~

  3. SNOW.....I am Jealous...but I am tickled at your improvised "sleds"! Hey, looks like they worked great!

  4. What a beautiful thing to have such a wonderful Dad. They are truly blessed.