Monday, January 2, 2012

This May Sound Like Complaining...

 I promise I am not .  I am simply stating facts as they present themselves.
 I have OFFICIALLY slowed down.  There is no more extra energy going on here.  The simplest tasks seem to be taking EVERYTHING out of me.  I am not really miserable...just lacking in the extra energy, or even baseline energy area.
 I started back to school today and I told the girls first thing this morning..."Things are a bit different for the next 2 weeks.  If you have a question or need help come find me..SITTING still somewhere.  I can not run all over this house like I always do helping you in your various rooms and spaces." Right now I crave a chair and comfy place to sit more than anything else.
Regardless of my intense need to sit down I have to keep up with my walking so I don't turn into a bag of sugar.  But recently there has arisen another reason for my constant walking.  I get this really annoying restless leg issue right about now when I am pregnant.  I lay down to sleep and my legs start jittering about driving me mad.  The first night I just suffered.  The next night I took Tylenol and NOTHING helped....
 So then I took my issue to google and read that walking right before bed can reduce or eliminate leg restlessness.  SO GUESS WHAT I HAVE BEEN DOING???  The other night I went to bed and all was well...about 40 minutes later..LEG FREAK OUT TIME.
 I got out of bed and took a 40 minute walk around my block.  Don't be to impressed. Right now my walks are as pathetic as you can imagine with me waddling myself around my neighborhood at a SNAILS pace.  But I was determined to sleep that night and I was successful.  Since then I have been trying to walk before bed.  Not always as long as 40 minutes...but enough to get the wiggles strange and annoying.
Here's the mind is willing (kinda) but my flesh is so not willing...

I have another major issue that I have been ignoring this whole time...but my time is running out.  I HAVE NOTHING for this baby...
Many moons ago we had a fire and lost EVERYTHING we owned.  We were not harmed just our stuff.  We had everything we owned in a storage unit that caught on fire.  ALL MY BABY GEAR WAS IN THERE... Priscilla was not really a baby baby..although she was still in a bassinet.  I did not bring much to our temporary home in hopes of not having to move that much several times.  When we did move into a more permanent home I was reluctant to buy baby gear because we were almost done with her being a baby.... anyway.
I have a short list of must haves...I am not a huge baby gear person because all they need is mama in the beginning but I do have a few must haves ...
baby sheets
a bassinet for those first few months when they sleep wherever you are
clothes..mostly cozy sleep stuff
and the all important car seat!!!
I like to have a bouncy seat for the kitchen....but not a huge hurry for that.

I am just running this through my own head right now.  Sometimes it feels like so much until you write it down.  Really that is not a lot of stuff.  Fire or not I probably would have gotten most of that new anyway, except the bassinet and car seat!!!

Someone asked if I was a baby swing person.  I had to say no.  I have no official position on baby swings but here is why I am a NO...
I am super motion sensitive...watching a swing swing back and forth makes me feel sick....that is it.

So that is it to start my 2012 posts....
reporting from my new post..the right upper corner of my bed...I wish you all well...


  1. You are now in count-down mode for having this baby! So exciting! Can't wait to see what you are having....I have finally turned the dial on my camera to manual and am working to get to where you are in you said you just have to take a LOT of pics and figure it out....good luck in the next few weeks! We will be cheering you on!

  2. So sorry about the leg jiggles. I get that way when I am overtired but usually can fall asleep. If you get to the point that you can’ t walk enough, maybe the doctor would allow one benadryl at bedtime. I sometimes take it an hour before bed and it helps a lot. It's considered safe for most women during pregnancy.

    I am not a swing person either and my babies hated it. But I felt the same sensation just watching an empty swing. You must get motion sickness. ;-)

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  4. I hope the walking helps you get rest. Love the blue frames!

  5. Lisa, I left you a message earlier today, but just in case you didn't get it, give me a call sometime. I may have some baby things for you if you're interested.

  6. When are you due? The last leg of pregnancy was never my favorite:)) Sending love your way, Brooke