Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Seeing Red

Right before Drew came Pete was painting up a storm.  We clearly were in bold mood when this color wound up in our cart at Lowe's.  Red...like cranberry red ALL OVER THE WALLS...
I love it!!

I really like bright, sunny spaces and this room gets so much sun.  There was a bland yellowish color on the walls from the builder and it really just washed everything out.  The white stuff in the room was washed out and the black was boring...
 Well...now with plenty of sunshine pouring in this room, the white pops and the black makes its presence known.
 This is our first time ever really painting any house we have lived in.  We wanted some color and boy did we get color...

The front two rooms of the house got painted blue.  I have no good pictures yet but I will soon...but for now this is what I can show you.

This guy went to bed with paint on his hands for weeks.  I don't know what it is about paint but it really changes everything in the room. And now I want every inch painted.  Maybe not cranberry red..but something...

We have lived here now for 7 months.  It is really starting to feel like home...home home.  When we first got here we just moved in and then jumped into life.  Making friends was way more important than the color of my basement.  But with these past few weeks of being home more we are really living in every inch of this house and falling in love with it more each day.

We have lived in some cool homes.  In San Francisco we lived in an apartment over a Thai food place and a small food store.  That was SO fun.  I loved that little 600 sq. ft apartment.  We had all the furniture given to us by our relatives and I remember making that place our first home.  We had our first Thanksgiving dinner there and cuddled on the couch that was from my grandpa's estate from when he passed away.  On the walls hung the sunflower pictures that my friends gave me at our engagement party.  Our dishes were from Wal-Mart with a sunflower pattern. 

After San Fransisco we moved to Pensacola for flight school.  We rented a house with a garage and I remember feeling so grown up.  We had a washer and dryer IN OUR OWN HOUSE!!!  That was cool.  These days we wonder if we can get by with just 1 washer and dryer.
When we got stationed somewhere we would just pack up our car and head that way.  We would stay at a BOQ for a few days and find something to rent.

Those days are long gone.  Who would have thought back on Encinal Ave. in an apartment filled with sunflower gifts and hand me downs that Pete and I would one day live in a home filled with children and a cranberry red living room?
For me our story is all about The Little House That Grew.  We have lived in some small spaces and with each space we have grown.  Not only in numbers but in spirit as well. 

I can't say this space is small.  We moved out pretty far from D.C so we could have more space.  Once Pete is commuting back and forth each day we will then know if we played our cards right.

But right now I am happy where I am...my house and my life.  God is good and I am grateful!!


  1. LOVE the red!! Can't wait to see the blue too! We had a red kitchen in our stark white Kodiak base housing and it made all the difference in the world! Made me happy every time I saw it! Your house looks incredible!

  2. Love the red! My dining room is that color and I have the same black and white light fixture!!!! I LOVE IT!!!
    I also have the same pillows from IKEA!!! Great minds think alike...haha! I absolutely love your red and ivory toile armchair....it's beautiful! Where did you find it? I love toile!!! Congrats again on Baby Drew!

  3. I really like the color you choose for your living area. Red is a very bold color good for you for taking the leap!

    We are painting all the rooms in our house right now bathroom is finished we have now moved on to the kitchen, dining room and living room. We hope to get to paint our bedroom in a few weeks....we haven't really had any snow so I guess we now have spring fever..smile..