Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Looking Back...

 Like I promised I have been sitting around a lot more this week.  Pete has been helping so much and I am not sure how I ever survived my last 2 weeks of previous pregnancies without him.  He is painting like crazy and we are about to take on the living room.  Well, I should not say we...I have done nothing but come in and ask for a touch up here and a repaint there...surely annoying.

 School has been going in a gentle fashion.  The vibe is way more laid back and believe it or not things are getting done and I am trying to be confident that it is enough for right now. But today I spent most of the morning in the basement looking through the kids scrapbooks.  You see, before I was a knitter I was a scrapbooker.  I was pretty good about keeping up with each child's first year.  They are such treasure.
A few things I noted...I looked HORRIBLE during my pregnancy with Emily(#1).  I did what I think a lot of women for 2 A LOT!!  I still had not figured out how to wear my hair as an adult and my clothing was very....I can't even say.

After having Emily Pete and I enjoyed being new parents so much that it looks like we celebrated a lot by EATING. We both packed on some new baby weight after having Emily.  It stayed around for awhile.
When Emily was about 9 months old I shed a few pounds and then got pregnant with Molly.  I did not eat for 2 the same way I did with Emily.  I remember Pete took on a new way of eating during my pregnancy and he looked GREAT!!  He was loosing all his first baby weight and I was once again...not!
But I have to say, I gained a lot less with Molly and after I had her I remember trying a little harder to regain a little bit of my pre-baby body.

It was so funny looking through those pictures.  It was so sweet remembering how chunky Emily's legs were, how curly her hair was.  And then looking at Molly who glowed with her pink skin and red fuzzy hair.  They were so amazing and I look at those very young girls and I can't believe they have been with us for 10 and  8 1/2 years now.   I knew NOTHING then.  I had no real idea how I was going to do things.  I did not know ANYTHING! I look at those pictures and it is hard to put me back in those moments with just those 2!!

It's not like I feel like I have all this grand knowledge now.  I just think I know more than I did then.  I hope I do. 
And by the time Jack came I was starting to formulate the type of mom I wanted to be and the type of family I wanted to create.
Looking at his pictures was such a reminder of the beginning of a few really hard mommy years.  I had him, 3 months later got pregnant with Lucy and then we moved from Alaska to Alabama, ten minutes later had Priscilla.  Within 2 1/2 half years I had 3 more children.
I know for some mama's that is not that big of a deal...but it was a deal here.

 Lucy's baby pictures are the only thing that reminds me of what it was like when she was a baby.  I kinda blanked out during a lot of those months.  Everything was hard..super hard!!  I do remember thinking when Priscilla was born and Lucy was 18 months old and Jack was 2 1/2 that things would be much easier this time because the little kids were SO MUCH OLDER!!!  Well, not to state the obvious...but 18 months and 2 1/2 is not that much older and things were harder than EVER!!!
But I am happy to report that the pictures and memories I have from all of the hard work are filled with smiles and kids laughing.  They all look to be as happy as they can be.  I have a few shots of Pete in there and he to looks happy...lots of love in his smile.  That is all I want to remember...

I am in very few of those pictures of the last 5 years.  It is hard to believe since I make sure my picture is taken all the time now...but I did not have my 10 year old to hand the camera to yet.  I can insert a very happy mom behind the lens.  Even if some days happy was harder to feel, overall I know I have been very happy.  And looking through pictures is the best way to remember all that you have been through, all that has changed and everything that will NEVER be the same!!


  1. I can't remember the last time I've left a comment, but I've been reading every post! I just usually have to do it on my phone since the computer seems to be tied up so much lately. I'm glad your health is good and so excited for you and your family. The knitting is amazing!!! And your family is just charming. I love to watch little girls turn into little ladies right before your eyes. Happy New Year to you all!

  2. Your kids are adorable, as always! Good for you for taking things slowly these last few weeks. :)

    A nice and simple bootie pattern is this one:
    Don't let the pattern scare you! Knitting booties and socks seems odd until you've done one, but this pattern is simple and quick! I knit both booties in 2 days. :)

  3. I knitted that big lace scarf too and loved it! But you have outdone yourself with all the other hats and scarves! Now that the holidays are over, I need to start trying to catch up! Glad you are on the home stretch...I keep expecting a big announcement any day now!

  4. Somehow I missed this post when you wrote it. Now I'm in tears. Something about this one struck me! Maybe your new mommy hormones are rubbing off on me. I'm so excited that you've now added another Melnick to the world!