Thursday, January 5, 2012

Let The Nesting Begin!!!

With a small burst of energy I felt much better today.  It has been hard watching Pete scurry around painting and having all this energy when I was melting into the ground every second of the day.  I am not used to being so...worn out!!

I think I had a touch of the virus my kids had but would not admit it to myself...I am on the mend and I have a list of things I want to do in the next couple of days.
I know I mentioned Pete is painting and he actually painted half of the basement over the last few days.  I HATE going into the basement. It is a fully finished pretty good sized basement, but it was so DREARY!!  The lighting is not that great down there and it is kinda big and EMPTY.  I had barely enough furniture to put in the rest of the house so the basement was left for the TV and a couch.  We only have the one TV and with no cable we mostly just watch movies now and then so I did not want it in the main part of the house (a fact that drives my dad crazy...I think).  The basement has become a wrestle, movie watching room....neither of those activities are my I never go down there.
But Pete wanted to paint down there and I was not in the care about anything mood so I said..."sounds great". We went to Lowe's,  randomly picked a cheery yellow and home we drove.  He is now done and it looks great.  I decided I wanted him to do a chalkboard wall and he is all for it.  Not the reaction I expected..but I am grateful.  And now I have been done there moving things into the space and really looking around the rest of the house at what I can grab to make the space a little more welcoming for all of us.
In addition to painting Pete made a Lego table for the kids.  We went to Goodwill and found a good size table for $25.  We painted it, glued Lego bases down and ALL the kids love the new table...which is in the newly painted almost made over basement space.  Right now I have a small table and chair set ($10) we got at Goodwill along with a bookshelf painted but waiting to dry to be added to the NEW and IMPROVED basement....

And you are all thinking to yourselves...where are the pictures???  I want to see pictures!!  Well I am going to take some tomorrow.  But every time I think to take a picture it is to dark and the light down there is already not my favorite.  But I will highlight some things tomorrow and then show you when all is said and done next week.
I get so excited and overly excited when we do stuff like this...I love furniture and making our house a home...but when Pete wants to play how fun .

And did I mention that at this very minute he is on a ladder in our living room with a paint brush filled with cranberry colored paint....
Looks like we are going bold for 2012...


  1. Lisa, Pete, and family!!!!
    I love reading all about your beautiful growing family. Can't believe how grown up the kids are getting. I only know 3 of them. Take Care!!!! Love your knitting projects, my mother loved to knit and always made my girls and their babies goodies. Now that she is gone they are even more wonderful. Rest and can't wait to see what your new bundle of joy will bring to your family. Carrie

  2. haha! This is great!! I love that he is so sweet! What a great idea on the table, you are so creative!