Tuesday, January 31, 2012

From Blue To Black

One day towards the end of my pregnancy I had it with the BLUE painted furniture.  I could not stand it a second longer.
Pete hauled it out to the front and I began painting like a mad, hugely pregnant fat woman!!
And now my blue furniture turned to black, my walls turned to blue and I am a happy woman looking for more things to paint!!

p.s sorry to anyone who wrote saying they liked the blue, especially my Aunt Penny.  I think I hated it ALL along but tried to like it. 

p.p.s I also think I hated the blue chairs.  I had another sat of white chairs that went with my school room table and those are now in this room with the black.  I still have to paint the blue chairs.  But I am putting that off for now because I HATE painting chairs!


  1. How funny, I was just thinking when I saw your blue furniture, wow how bold, I like it and would never be brave enough to do it. haha. it looks great black too. that is a nice piece.

    so, the chi stuff, yeah, i have dealt with the same thing. I went through SO many chi flat irons and finally I was done with them!
    I am a big fan of hot tools . I think their stuff lasts a long time and is affordable. :)

  2. I love it! So Shabby Chic!!! We would love to come to the east coast and visit you all!!! I would love to meet the new adorable Drew!! He's darling!! Anyways, I hope you are feeling good!!! You are an amazing Mom and we are so happy for you all!! I will keep you posted if we make any plans to head out there.... we would really like to!!

  3. I liked the blue upon seeing it but viewing the photographs, I can see how it would annoy towards the end of your pregnancy. I spent the last day of my last pregnancy crazily sticking up a new wallpaper border because I couldn't stand the old one A MINUTE LONGER. It never got properly finished (we have since moved house) - I didn't know it would be the last day of my pregnancy as the baby came a little early, but looking back on it, it was a clear sign that she was on her way!

  4. The black looks great! You always do such a good job with this stuff. :) I can't believe you painted that at the end of your pregnancy though. I was doing nothing but sit around at the end of mine. :)

    1. Trust me...I did plenty of tilting around too!

  5. I hate painting chairs too. Spray them -- it's worth the extra cost of spray cans.

    Your black and white is pretty and clean.

  6. I am partial to blue, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the black furniture against the blue wall.