Friday, January 27, 2012

Filled Up

I usually have a "Thank you Lord it is Friday feeling!"  And right now, week 2 into having a newborn, I was especially looking forward to Friday this week.  We start doing school on Sunday and then Monday and Tuesday are usually pretty intense with lots of school.  Wednesday slows down a bit and then Thursday Jack, Molly and Emily go to their day school.  So this week was my first go at all of this with Drew in the mix.

My mom came over Monday morning to help me get a good start to my school week.  It was really great having her here and I think it would have been CRAZY without her.  I jumped into school FULL force plus a little extra because we had missed some work for their school the week before.  I know I should have jumped in a little bit lighter, but that is just not me.  I need to see just how much I can handle then I know what to plan for.  I like a lot going on.  I like to be busy.  And I can say that the school hours around here are BUSY!!  It is crazy how much is going on at one time.
I made it through Monday and Tuesday with a full tank of gas.  I was feeling good and moving right along.  Then Wednesday night came and I thought I had gotten hit a by a truck ..I was so worn out. 

Thursday the little girls were very challenging.  The days when it is just Lucy, Priscilla and I things can be a struggle.  They do not know what to do without a house full of children.  They wonder around lost and Thursday was super hard to get through with less kids and no schooling.  Those 2 little girls are my golden road to heaven!!

By Thursday night I was sipping Pete's beer and eating way to many brownies saying to myself ..."I can't believe I made it to Thursday!!"  Sleep was welcomed and needed that night..

.and then we are here at Friday.  With no school, all kids home and Pete leaving for school later than normal and  I was still crying by lunch.  Nothing was really wrong...I was just looking for  a little change of pace and usually Friday is my answer...but by 11:30 it was clear to me that there is no change of pace right now and a few tears were shed over my 5 lunch plates.  Pete calling at that exact moment and me trying to sound together.....

So then what?  I pressed on, wiped my tears, took a deep breathe and made sandwiches.  The girls had somewhere to be at 12 and I loaded everyone up looking forward to the 5 minute drive with music and my hands free.  And when I dropped the girls off I saw a friend.  We talked outside the car for about 5 minutes...
I got back in the car and realized I was breathing easier and my smile was a little lighter.  I felt good.  The urge to cry had vanished and I felt a spring in my step.  Could it have been that 5 minute talk with my friend..a few laughs and a promise to try and get togeher soon.  Was I that starved of PEOPLE???

YES!!  Tonight I had to go with the girls for something and I got to do a whole lot of talking and laughing and I came home feeling like a million bucks.  On the way home the girls and I were laughing and chatting and I was thinking..I needed that.  I love being a mama and I love my home and family...but I love being with other moms.  I love laughing and making fun of myself.  I NEEDS ME SOME PEOPLE!!!
I am social!! I love talking and getting to know people and hearing about others.  I have been under self imposed house arrest for the last few weeks ...maybe even month or so.  From being way pregnant and then having my little boy,  then not wanting to get out in the cold, in addition to it being REALLY hard right now going anywhere with everyone, I have been HOME A LOT!! And since this is where I need to be MOST of the time I realize I need to be more mindful and grateful for the moments  I do get to spend with friends.  Even if it is at a drop off or walking out of mass.  I need to find those moments that fill me up.

But really it is all about balance right??  My kids are my world and it is a world I love to be in.  And Pete is my best friend.  But getting small chances to step outside of all of that makes me love being in it even more.

So here I am on Friday night smiling and already thinking about the week ahead.  I can't imagine anything being as hard as the first time going through something.  So looking at next week, my 2nd week of schooling with Drew I know it will be even better than this one.  Will I be crying by Friday??  Who knows...but chance are pretty good for a tear or two at any given moment these days...


  1. Many Blessings to you all!!
    I am also in a new neighborhood (we moved from CT to NC in July). I work out of my home so I feel like I am always in! Also my work is comuter and phone so I dont have the opportunity to go out and meet many people.
    I hear what you are saying.... getting out and chatting with a neighbor / friend can really change my mood.
    I can also be weepy but it is due to PMS so I cried a couple times too.
    Funny we are in really different places in our lives, but we have a lot in common.
    One step at a time, one activity at a time, one day at a time, then it seems to come together.
    Have a great weekend!
    BTW the pics are great and your new little one is beautiful!

  2. Lisa,
    Congrats on your new handsome little guy. Your family is just beautiful and you are one amazing Mama. Remember what your body has just been through and you got a whole lotta hormones going crazy right now. Also, your other littles are trying to figure what having this little guy means for them- less time one on one with their favorite Mama. Trying to get back to routine is always difficult with a new one in the mix. Be patient with yourself (and the kids) and take lots of time-outs to pray together to the Blessed Mother. Maybe use TALC day to read some extra books with your younger girls or having a very simple tea party. Fill up their tank and they may be a little less of a challenge.
    God bless you and your family!

    1. Good idea on doing something special for my little girls on those Thursday's. I have just the thing this next week. Sometimes I get so caught up I forget the simple things I can do to create good behavior.
      Thanks for the encouraging words!!

  3. That last photo is a, what a beautiful family you have!!!

  4. oh, and you take the most amazing pictures!!! LOVE

    1. Thanks. I love taking pictures of these guys and I would like to get better. I forget to bring my camera most places...but sometimes that is a good thing. SOmetimes I get a little caught up in playing with my camera...
      Thanks for the nice words.

  5. Lisa, I feel the same. You must remember the hormones flying around in you right now. Your body has been through a lot. I always have lots of crying moments after I have a baby. Today was a good day, yesterday not so much. My 8 year old said " Mom I love baby Peter, but it's really hard having new baby in the house." Oh ya, I cried on that one! It's hard and wonderful at the same time. I'll be praying for you. I've been thinking of you when I'm up at 1am :))

  6. It's okay to cry, as you know. Having special time with the little girls will make all of you feel special...I agree with Heather. Continued Blessings.