Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Just One Morning

Merry Christmas!  Having just begun this new beautiful season I am the first to admit I already miss Advent.  The waiting.  The getting ready.  The whole 4 weeks is packed with moments that I want to preserve, treasure and savor.  Christmas day is a different kind of fun.  Lots of moments PACKED very tightly into one very busy day.  Each hour could be spent as a day in itself if you really think about it.


And today, on the second day of Christmas the sky is deep gray.


 My camera was tucked away most of Advent and Christmas day. This season my spirit of picture taking and sharing just seemed to be over taken by the need and want to make my kids something special from mama to open after Mass on Christmas Eve .  I had to give up something.


  But one morning right before the last 2 kids left for school I had to take out my camera.  The sun filled up the room.  The joy from Molly and Jack was bouncing off the walls.  Deep into the last week before Christmas break their school days were filled with merry making.  They were so cute.


Not wanting them to go, but so happy for their excitement. I knew I wanted to stop these moments.



My little Drew bubbling with pride over his mad clapping skills.....


Lucy taking a bath before bed, yet coming down to breakfast already needing another.....


My last hug before I walked them to the door.....


Just one sunny bright beautiful morning.....


Monday, December 10, 2012

Where Are We Now

DSC_0936 A few people have asked me to write about how things are know, with school. Well...I have wanted to write about it before but I feel like so much is constantly changing that it is hard to pin point what exactly to say.

 Let me sum up a few things...

 1. Emily was the one who convinced Molly that school was a good idea. Molly LOVES school with her whole heart. She loves her teacher and has had NO problem making friends. She loves to please people and school is the right place for her to do that..and be recognized for it. Her grades are great..attitude AMAZING!! She has really had NO problems.

 2. Jack is another one who LOVES everything about school. Jack LOVES to talk and he has found that kids at school LOVE to talk with him. He is VERY social and loves all things BOY. He has made lots of friends and when he comes home he tells us EVERYTHING. So cute...

 3. Emily is in middle school. I should just stop the post here. To say things are up and down would be a severe understatement. The thing is not just her. I am up and down too. I see the changes in her and I want them to be positive..but I am sad that my little girl wants to start NOT being a little girl anymore.

 I find that I have a hard time dealing with some of her adjustment issues because I want to fix them....friend trouble...I want to coach her through every possible scenario....teacher issues..I want her to do exactly what I would do.... The thing is some of these issues are very much because Emily is Emily...she is not me. She does not do things the way I do. She is her own person and I think this is the first time in 11 years that I am learning this. Up until now she has been what I allowed her to be...dealt with things the way I did. But now she has her own issues and she is finding her own way through them. I am here!! I am NOT doing that great yet. I need to be better at letting her be her and loving her for it. I can not ask her how things went, then get mad because she did not do what I would have done. I am learning.

 One thing I will tell you is...we talk!! We talk and talk and talk. I pray and pray and pray. I then come back and talk more and more. Sometimes I have to go to bed and wake up early to say..I am sorry I did not handle that well...

 Do I regret sending them??

 Some days I miss the fact that we all once were a pack...and we did everything as a pack. I hate when Emily comes home after having a hard day and my heart breaking. But I am glad that I am here for her now helping her with all these very REAL situations. Life is real and life is hard and I am glad we get to practice together. But...for right now this is a good place for me.

 I like NOT teaching..actually I LOVE not teaching them. I love not planning . I love not being their teacher for subjects like math and science..I LOVE THAT...I love being mommy. I love picking them up off the bus. I love seeing them be proud of a good grade. I love hearing the stories of all that goes on in school today...stories like the ones Pete and I have from when we went to public school

. I am sure I have more to say..but it is 3:15 and Emily is walking through the door..and with that you never know what will happen next...

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

5 Fun Things

mmmm.....I was going to write a post about me FINALLY going on Pintrest and getting sucked in to the world of amazingness.  One day I wanted to jazz up my mantle to look festive for Advent and thing you know I am pinning like mad and whipping out lots of copy cat idea...super fun ..


#1.  I knit this bow and put it on an already knit fun and easy.  Even though it was 70 degrees that day I wore it with a fat grin!!


#2 I kept seeing chalkboard frames on mantels with Christmas saying written on them.  I rushed into my basement grabbed some Goodwill frames that I ALWAYS keep on hand for emergency craft situations, chalk painted the GLASS ( totally worked with GREAT smooth results), spray painted frame white, sanded edges, wrote "be Merry".  Been starring at it grinning ever since!!


#3.  I really wanted my mantle to have greenery on it, but Pete was not thrilled with draped greens because we have the fire on ALL the time.  So I got crafty (after seeing people do it on Pintrest),  I put greenery in my white pottery...hung some Christmas balls...more constant GRINNING!!



#4. This may be my crowning moment as a crafter.  I have to say that I love bunting.  I would have bunting in every room if I was not afraid to appear to "circus-y".  But my mantel was missing needed some sort of....BUNTING!!  It just so happened that my friend bought me a set of super amazing Christmas tags that I knew had to be made into something other than Christmas tags.  So I used some burlap, scrap fabric and sewed on the bird tags.  Strung some cording through and FREAKED OUT because I LOVED it so much.  I was so excited!!!




#5. So..remember #4 when I said I LOVED bunting.  Well, a few weeks ago I decided I needed to make Advent countdown bunting with hand stitched numbers, with a little pocket to stuff daily treats in.  I am not finished yet..but 1-13 is complete and I hope to finish this week..or next.





And now I have to be very careful around Pintrest...I don't trust this little guy is becoming very much part of the group and he is not a fan of me sitting down..EVER!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Never Boring

















Kids are life.  Having kids around and people to take care of is the best part of life.  Sometimes we don't always feel like doing the "taking care of" part.  But what else is life about??

  Imagine a Thanksgiving dinner with no little kids..BORING!!

Imagine sleeping through the night...well..maybe that is not boring...but one day there will be no warm little person crawling into bed for a middle of the night cuddle...that is BORING!!

Emily went over to a friends house the other day and she said it was SO quiet in there house.  I said what did you think about that..she said...BORING!!

Imagine lighting Advent candles with no little kids waiting all of dinner to blow it out...BORING!!

Imagine hearing a really good song by Taylor Swift and NOT having to listen to it 99x in a row...SUPER BORING!!


We had 18 people sleeping here over the week of Thanksgiving.  It was crazy!  We have 1 TV in the basement with no cable.  We do watch movies from NetFlix and get DVD's sometimes..but we are not big TV people.  Most of my family found this hard to believe.  I come from a TV heavy family, so 5 days with no Fox news BLARING in the background felt odd to them...

A few times I heard people saying..".I don't have any idea what is going on.  I feel so out of touch".

My thoughts are ..REALLY??  What in the world happens on TV that you need to be SO in touch with?  Nothing good.

They all survived.  I sometimes worried that they would be bored with no TV, but how can you be bored around here.  If nothing else there is always laundry to help me fold.  And when my bed is filled with laundry there are usually 1 to 2 people hiding in the pile laughing and playing...never boring!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Last year, around this time, I finished a hat and promptly put it in a basket.  I went on to finish being pregnant, have a baby, go through winter...and never remembered that I had knit this hat.

It was a quick knit with really cool yarn, Brooklyn Tweed Shelter.  I bought the pattern from Fiber Space and bought that yarn that this pattern showed.  I don't remember loving this hat when I finished it.  But Emily recently found it and LOVES it.  She does look super cute in she has me wanting to make more hats.  And a few of her friends have asked for me to make them one too...kinda sweet.

The pattern is Rosebud by Jared Flood.  Emily has been wearing it and today was the perfect day to take pictures of my little blast from the past.

I have to tell you how much fun we have taking these photos.  I think I love to finish my knitted projects just so I can photograph them..especially when the girls are willing to model.  I have something REALLY cute I am working on for Lucy and we are going to have SO much with those photos..if I ever finish...but for Em's in a hat that I forgot I knit!!













1.  the pictures are all unedited.  i would love to have a fancy program to help take out some of the blue in the last few pictures.  these are all sooc day I will edit.

2.  emily loves to change her outfits and play with different looks.  we got this dress at a thrift store just today.  her necklace is a vintage set from a store in front royal, va that has more costume jewelry than you can imagine.  the jean coat is from 3 years still fits.  she loves these photo shoots and she is willing to do whatever..such fun!!