Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Yarn Along

 I have lots of knitting plans with very good intentions and even better yarn..but nothing to show just yet.  I did finish the 2nd glove to match one that I started LAST year.  I forgot to snap a shot of it...but after Christmas I will do a round up of knitted items.
 Last Friday I got to spend a few hours at Fibre Space.  I bought several projects worth of yarn and I left feeling like I still wanted more. 
 And I just put my sewing machine up for a few days.  I had such a great time making special gifts for little people. Sewing is such a different thrill than knitting and I have big plans for Priscilla's birthday which is January 20th.

 But for now....Molly....

 Priscilla ....
 and Emily await their own knitted items to be completed.  I may be a bit in over my head....
And with my current obsession to knit all things chunky and gap-ish..I hope I can live up to the goal I have set.

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  1. Chunky is definitely fun and has the nice instant gratification thing going. :) I love all the yarn and can't wait to see what you make with it. You're not the only one in a last minute knitting craze!

  2. Love all your piles of yarn, You will have so much fun knitting all the projects that you are imagining!

  3. Love those bits of yarn and your cabinet. So pretty. The cowl turned out great.