Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Somethings From Nothings

I had grand plans for hand making at least one gift for each child.  I had some intricate items planned...but reality set in and believe it or not I am NOT a fast knitter. And sewing is still pretty new that I was not exactly without my seam ripper a time or two.  So sit back, relax and see what I was able to put under the tree......
I like to call this...Something from Nothing...

 I wanted to make the little kids something they could play with.  Hand knitted stuff is pretty but not much fun.
These play capes were so fun to make and pretty simple.  They were perfect for me to whip out in the 2 week time period I gave myself.  I loved them so much I sewed 2 more for my niece and nephew. 

 I got the pattern from Growing Up Sew Liberated.  I have a few more things planned to make from this book.
 I wanted to make the crowns but I saw this crown for 3$ at Target and decided that these were PERFECT!!
 Emily's scarf was born out of the need to make something QUICK.  Since I took a break to make MYSELF that gaptastic cowl I was running out of time.  I had some chunky yarn, my size 17 needles and made a garter stitch scarf.  Super fun to make because it took 2 evenings and I could watch one of the many horrible movies Pete had picked out...kind of a treat for him to have me sit and suffer through a movie with him!!
 She loves wearing knits and I thought a scarf would be perfect...

 And hey I may or may not have thought that I would also be able to wear this very simple scarf as well... Molly Molly was in need of something made from Mama.  I did not knit her anything for her birthday because I was sick as a dog and it was like 5 million degrees outside.  I was able to make stuff for Emily for her birthday so I knew Molly was OVERDUE!!! 
 Here's the deal with Molly...she has VERY sensitive skin!!  Things itch and scratch and she does not keep things on for long.  I have knit her many hats that have gone to the rarely worn pile.  I wanted to make something pretty, but wearable.  She always has cold hands and I thought some fingerless mittens would be good for play and warmth.
 I had a head start with these mittens because I made the first one last year.  I loved knitting this pattern because it is a Louisa Harding pattern and she makes things very feminine and simple.  Perfect for my little Molly Jane..feminine and simple!!
 She HAD to model them with her new bear..Sprinkles!!
 And just for good measure I threw in a scarf for myself.  This is the big lace scarf from More Last Minute Knitted Gifts.  I still had a major hand cramp from whipping through my cowl..but I suffered through for the sake of a new scarf!!
 Even though I have like a million...
 This one is special , it is the same yarn as Emily's..we kinda match!!
 And Jack was also part of the cape club.  His was all BLACK and not as much fun to on black is pretty...BLACK!!
 But perfect for this little guy.  Darth Vader..or Batman...he is ready!!

Lucy got a cape too but was to busy this morning strangling Priscilla for our photo shoot.  Some things must be done properly!!

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  1. Your gifts turned out gorgeous! And from all the smiles, I would say they are definitely very loved and appreciated, too! I have a sewing machine that collects dust in the corner of my dining room - but I just might have to get brave and try a cape - those look like so much fun!!

  2. Awwww, you did good! Just look at all those sweet things you made for your littles -- lovely!
    Oh, and I love the poem and photo of your mom - so cute!

  3. Lucky family, some fantasic and gorgeous handmade pressies under your christmas tree.........I really love the capes.

  4. I love all your gifts! The gloves are so perfect!

  5. Love the yarn! So adorable. I can imagine your house with a swarm of capped kids flying around! Sounds like a party!

  6. Aren't handmade gifts so much fun! The capes look like so much fun, and I love Molly's fingerless mitts. :)