Monday, December 12, 2011

New Gift Policy

 I wish I were showing you great photos that I snapped over the last 2 weekends.  I wish I could show you all the handsome bagpipe Scottish men we saw in Alexandria last weekend or the sweet little town we visited this weekend.  But both adventures started with me saying, I can't believe I left my camera at home!"
Instead I will share a little bit of everything...

 I have been super busy getting little things ready for little people this Christmas.  Pete and I made a new strategy for the kids and it has been fun and a little challenging to follow through with.  It all started last Christmas morning.  We got the kids a pile of gifts.  Nothing super crazy expensive, just lots of little stuff that added up to be a lot of STUFF!!  As soon as the shred fest was over I was left with a sick feeling that I had wasted a whole bunch of money !
 I was actually able to go through some of the things they opened, repackage them and return them to the store and they never missed them.  I knew we needed a different approach.  So this year we are doing a 3 gift MAX per child.  That may still sound like a lot to some of you..but if you think about it the #3 goes by pretty quick when you are checking off a gift list.
 I am the one who likes to "throw" things in the cart for so and so..and it gets crazy because then I have to match that gift for the next so and so.  This year we are being so deliberate and focused... and it is kinda fun.  The girls know the plan and we keep telling the little kids that 3 is the magic number this year.  What I have noticed so far is the girls are being very thoughtful over what they are asking for.  They will say something random and then a few minutes later say..."I really don't want that...I was just thinking."  They are really being more focused in their own wants.
 Now the big question is..can I narrow down my 3 things...or wait,  do I count in the 3 thing line up??
 I mean is 3 balls of yarn the TOTAL for my 3 gifts...or say boots and a new coat..can that count as 1 new winter wardrobe gift?  I am trying to figure my way around this little plan.  Am I included in the kids new gift policy?
 And I wanted to answer a question someone left in the comments last post..what should a new sewer begin with??  I still consider myself new at sewing and knitting.  With sewing I started with skirts for the girls and myself.  Making something that you can wear is so fun and motivating.  I dream about all the possibilities when I look through sewing books.  Another tip I would throw in there is to get updated sewing books.  Looking at stylish updated sewing patterns is one way for you to find endless ideas to try.
And I can't wait to show you all I have been sewing and knitting.  Right now I have been making all sorts of fun gifts...
Which brings me to the next dilemma in the 3 gift policy..does hand made gifts from mama count as 1 of the 3??  Such details to be worked out....


  1. Good idea. We also try to do 3 gifts but I also struggle with if the handmade item counts - especially since it isn't usually something on their wish list. I'm thinking that the hand knit gnomes I'm making my girls won't count, but will be a stocking stuffer. A friend of mine only does handmade items in the stockings. I thought that was a clever idea...

  2. I am wondering if you made those cute little numbers....are they an advent calender. Can you post a comment as to where the pattern came from? How you do all that you and manage to keep up a blog along with homeschooling is amazing. Can't wait to see what you are sewing!

  3. I have several friends who are doing 4 gifts: something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read. We're sticking fairly close to that this year (though my son is getting 2 books, my daughter gets 2 homemade tutus AND a pair of pjs, etc... because I did that before we thought about trying this plan). The only dilemma I have now is Santa gifts. I do want to be very intentional with what is coming into my house. I realize that, aside from gifts from grandparents/uncles, WE can decide what comes into our home. I want things that will 1) not take up tons of space and 2) make us closer as a family... so games are in, junk is out.

  4. It's been about five years since we instituted the three gift rule -- no one gets more than the baby Jesus. I really like having a limit, and I like that the kids know just what to expect. I do count handmade items but the way I do it is three packages. In one box might be a coat and handmade scarf. Or this year my daughter is getting an American Girl doll, but the doll's extra outfit wil go inside the doll's box. Because my boys are older, they might get a little cash in a package which was not as expensive. Mostly they get items they have requested. I fill my need to buy little, inexpensive gifts by putting candy and a few gifts in the stockings (we leave them up after St Nicholas day). The items in the stocking are "from Santa" but they know the rest is from their parents.