Friday, December 23, 2011

My Almost Christmas Letter

 Pete and I cleaned the whole house today.  He is such a huge help! Breathing and cleaning at the same time is REALLY hard to do right now.  But as I was cleaning I was composing a Christmas letter in my that I know I will never send.
 I say things more freely in my head and then when I sit down to type the words they no longer sound that ..good!  But I do love reading other people's Christmas letters and I always think I want to send one...but I never will.  But for now, on Christmas Eve's eve when all in the house is peaceful and calm (thanks to Pete putting Priscilla down ) I think I will jot down a few Christmas letterish things.
 Hi Friends, I hope this letter finds you all enjoying a Christ filled Advent season.  I know you await the Christmas season with lots of hope and joy.  We have had a busy year and next year promises more of the same.
 In June we packed up and left Alabama after living there for 4 happy years.  We drove to Virginia during the hottest month of the year during my first trimester. I felt SO AWFUL and when we arrived here the misery endured for 17 LONG weeks.  I am sure we had a good time during those weeks.  I am sure lots of great things happened in our family that I should cherish...but even thinking back to that time makes me feel sick to my tummy.
 Finally I was feeling better and  I picked up my knitting needles after a pretty long break.  I have been PRETTY obsessed ever since....
       In between knitting, getting us all settled in Virginia, and growing a new baby, I have managed to keep on top of home schooling Jack, Emily and Molly.  Some days I do a better job than others. But I try my best most everyday and worry about what I am NOT doing the other half of the days.

 I am constantly praying that I am doing the right thing for all of us.  Some days it all feels so right and other days it feels so...HARD!!  Emily is in 5th grade and is now 10.  She is a good student and a HUGE help to me with everything this family does.  Molly is in 3rd grade and follows Emily's example of being a good student.  I am super grateful for the work they put in and I know it could be a lot harder if it were not for there willingness to do good in school.
 Much of my doubt on home schooling comes from me not being confident that I am enough for them, that I can match their abilities. (Maybe that is not Christmas card appropriate...just forget that I mentioned that.)
And then there is my Jack.  My boy.  My boy who is very different than my girls.  He makes me run through every emotion possible when we are doing his lessons.  At one moment I want to squeeze him because he is so stinkin' cute...and moments later I want to ring his neck because sometimes the lights are on and NOBODY SEEMS TO BE HOME.  But overall this year is about me doing something everyday with him to get him reading and he is on lesson 70 of his 100 easy lessons and so far so good.  He is doing a great job...just his own style and pacing...not his sisters'.
 And still keeping my running from one end of this house to the other is my last 2 little girls...Lucy and Priscilla.  Lucy is 4 1/2 and she is one good time.  She is so full of energy and life it is hard to keep up.  I have done nothing for her this year in the preschool arena except the occasional craft project that she LOVES.  I sense a change in her.  I am hoping 2012 brings a calmer Lucy and one that is able to transition to the big kid group soon.
 But my Priscilla Mae is still my baby.  My baby who REFUSES to even consider the potty.  No girl has given me this much trouble.  She is so opposed to it that we have given up even trying for the time being.  She will be 3 January 20.  I will deal with this next year and hope to have 1 baby in diapers before to long.  We are going on 5 years with people in diapers.  At one point it was the 3 little ones ALL TOGETHER.  So going back to 2 in diapers is not ideal...but I can cope. She is so excited for this new baby and I think she will do great when she gets promoted to big sister.
 Pete just wrapped up his first semester at George Mason.  He did great and we have gotten used to having a college kid around here.  The class schedule has been nice and not having duty or work trips is super nice.  He gets a kick out of shocking people when they first meet him and ask him about his family..he loves seeing the reaction when these young MBA students learn that he is about to have his 6th child.  He is a great example of a good strong husband and father and these young grad students are not used to such classmates.  

Blogging and photography has been a bit weak over the last few months.  I enjoy this space so much and want to be better about adding more things. I love that people read this blog and I cherish each comment people leave. 
I may never write a book , or change your life by what I share here....but I have fun sharing and I love that you are here!!
Merry Christmas!! 

p.s I am not sure if that is EXACTLY what I would have written in a Christmas letter....but you get the is hard, full and ever changing and that is exactly what I hope to share!


  1. I know exactly what you mean when looking back on how hard the move was. It's no wonder moving is one of the top life stresses.

  2. That was beautiful, Lisa! Thanks for sharing. I'm homeschooling my youngest this year (we are also doing 100 easy lessons) and I know what you mean by "lights on but nobody home". Silly, energetic, huggable boys! ;)

  3. Such a beautiful family. Each one learning in his or her own way. God bless you all.

  4. Merry Christmas Melnicks!!!! We miss you guys soooo much! Yes, I know it is 12:26am but thats what happens when you have older children who stay up all hours of the night. Love you, Angela Wilson

  5. Merry Christmas. I love reading your blog, seeing the children and your knitting projects.
    Loved the "sort of Christmas letter" and wish many blessings to you and your family for the New Year!