Monday, December 26, 2011

My 2nd Day of Christmas!

 We had a great Christmas!  Everything was very calm and easy.  We did most of our shopping on-line and things just felt so smooth.  I have lots of pictures to show but I thought I would just brief you on some other things before I recapped Christmas.
 We got up today with the intention to start painting.  Pete has a long winter break and he needs to have things to do.  We thought painting these flat builder's grade walls would be a great project to keep him going over the next few weeks.
 I then decided to rearrange EVERY room in the house.  I started moving furniture in one room and then one thing led to the next and before you know it...every room has been transformed.
 Call it nesting, call it sick of seeing the furniture in the same place as last month....whatever it is, I LOVE moving furniture around.  When the movers come in with stuff you just make a quick decision on where everything should be placed.  I liked things the way they were but I needed a little something different.
 We did wrap that up after lunch and went straight to Lowe's to buy paint.  As I speak Pete is painting the bathroom, the girls are folding laundry and the little kids are watching a Christmas movie.  I am down stairs in my newly transformed living room writing to you....
I had to use these leg warmer pictures because I just LOVE them.  I made them last year and Emily asked if she could wear them the other day.  We have been seeing all these cute leg warmers worn over skinny jeans and it looks so cute.  She looked so good in them I asked her to pose for me.  I love this girl!!  She loves hand knit things and she is always asking to wear them.  I just beam!!

Anyway..Lucy is upstairs needing mama.  Dinner needs to be cooked and I have Christmas pictures to go through. 

Happy 2nd day of Christmas!!!

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  1. Emily looks fabulous! You'll have to post paint pictures when you're done. How you accomplish so much with so many children underfoot is beyond me. Our walls have had the same paint (except a couple of rooms) for almost 7 years. :)