Saturday, December 3, 2011

Longer Than I Planned

 I was going to try and write something everyday for December. Not really for a huge reason, just wanted to try it.  I already failed and missed yesterday..oops.
 But today I wanted to give a small update on my gestational diabetes.  I realize I kinda FREAKED out when I got the news that sugar was no longer allowed on the menu.  I was not that sad about having to say goodbye to sweetness, especially since I am way more of a salt person, I was more SCARED!!
 Could I do it?  What if I didn't?  I have to tell you,  I have done it.  I have kinda done it REALLY well too.  I embraced the whole thing as an opportunity to get healthier altogether.  I have said before here that I work out a lot.  Not because I aim to have a fantastic 20 year old body but because I like to eat whatever I want.  But the truth is...I can't eat whatever I want because even though I may  not be unhealthy on the outside...I surely was on the inside.  Now, I am not like a MAJOR bad eater..more like an average American eater..some good, some bad..very little balance.  But now I have to say I am doing a much better job and my blood sugar numbers are proof.
It has been kinda fun testing my numbers and seeing a direct result of my action.  I have to REALLY restrict card intake I can have 30 grams per meal.  That takes some effort and planning.  And every meal I have done a good job..then one day I had 2 pieces of cheese pizza and my numbers WERE OUT OF triple what they always are.  I knew right away the result of my decision.  It was kinda cool.

And as a side note, which is not hugely important right now but I have to share....when I went to the Dr. on Thursday I had lost 5 pounds.  I LOST 5 pounds at 32 weeks of being pregnant.  Now don't anyone panic..I did not try and loose weight but it has been the direct result from me eating less carbs and trying to eat smaller portions.  I eat so much better and I am always trying to get more of the good stuff and my body shed some pounds from the changes.  The baby belly measured on target and the Dr. was not at all worried.  He said it is common for this to happen when the mom really makes immediate changes and sticks to the program.

But the bottom line is.  I feel so much better.  I feel like I am in control and I am thrilled with the power I have when I make up my mind.  I can do this.  I have been doing it.  I want to continue to do it.

...sorry this was a little longer than I planned.  I just got carried away with the whole thing tonight.  It has been 3 weeks since I made these changes and I guess I had a lot to say...


  1. When I was pregnant with my second child I was due in February and found out, right before Christmas, that I "failed" the glucose test. I was rather miffed, though I realize that is irrational. My husband worked with lots of pharmacists at the time and got me a glucose monitor. I checked twice a day and never once had a high reading. Clearly the glucose test was not very accurate. Anyway, it is good to check your sugar levels, and you can see for yourself if you need to cut back and need not be afraid. :-)

  2. What a wonderful gift to yourself here toward the end of your pregnancy! I hope you continue to feel well, and keep your GD under control!