Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It Just Feels Like That Time of Year

It just feels like that time of year when I want to MAKE EVERYTHING I see.  I have yet to finish the last sleeve of my baby sweater.  I think  I am a little unmotivated to finish the knitting part because I know that I still have to find 7 buttons to sew on as well.  So I am not as almost done as I would like to be.  So instead I cast on for the Rae scarf pattern by Jane Richmond and used the Malbrigo yarn I bought for the Liesel pattern.  I just wanted a mindless knit and Rae was it.  Row after row of knitting....very soothing right now.

But then suddenly I was bit by the I MUST SEW SOMETHING RIGHT NOW bug.  I pulled out some books that I bought right before I left Alabama.  I felt so sick right then that I coud not even look through books without it making me feel sick.  Well, that feeling is over and now I just LOVE everything in both of these books, Sew Liberated and Growing Up Sew Liberated.

So that's it for me.  I clearly have not blogged everyday in December and probably won't be able to.  But I may still give it a go!

Visit Ginny for more yarn info and great project ideas...


  1. Hi! Visiting from Ginny's link-up. I absolutely love the shade of blue on your baby sweater!

  2. You've done a lot already. I know the feeling you mention about wanting to make things--Pinterest make me feel that way, and then I get depressed because i can't find the time! Good luck on all your projects!

  3. Love the sweater. Beautiful color. Enjoy your sewing. Or knitting. I have the same problem this time of year -- usually for gift-giving purposes. :-)

  4. The sweater and scarf colors are so gorgeous. I understand how there is definitely a need for the repetition of some knitting projects. I feel the sewing bug getting ready to hit here too.

  5. Thanks for reminding me about Sew Liberated ~ think I am going to order it for my 17 year old that loves to sew! Glad to see you are up and about!

  6. Lisa,
    Lauren and I want to thank you and Pete for helping us out along our new financial path. I figured what better way then on your blog for all to see. It was one year ago that you guys got us started on the Dave Ramsey Plan and I am proud to say that it is working!!!!! Although it is extremely difficult with numerous discussions we are moving in the right direction. With Luke as our motivation we have paid off 16000.00 that’s right!!! 16k in debt in one year!!! Thank You guys soooooo much without your help we would be in mess. We still have a ways to go but there is an end in sight. I hope that this can help motivate someone else that reads your blog just like you guys did for us. So we just wanted to say that we appreciate everything you have done for us and we love you guys.
    Thank you again
    Love Rob, Lauren and Luke "the other Melnicks"

  7. I'm hoping for a sewing machine for christmas this year, then I can join you in "I MUST SEW SOMETHING RIGHT NOW bug" Any sewing ideas for a beginner sewer?

    Love all your pictures :)