Friday, December 30, 2011

Getting Wrapped Up

 I have really been enjoying these last 2 weeks of 2011.  I love when people are organized enough to do a year in review on their blogs.  That would not be me.
 I can recap last week because it was so recent...

 Our Christmas was filled with smiles, sick kids and lots of excitement.  One thing we did this year was go to Mass Christmas morning at 7:00a.m .  WE got the kids up, got them dressed and put them in the car.
 No peaking at the tree..nothing.  The kids were so excited and getting to Mass felt very special.
 We were focused on Jesus and the reason for the day and then we came home and celebrated.  It felt so ...right for us this year.
 When we got home some kids went right back into PJ's and some kids just stayed in their church clothes.  We felt like the morning and joy lasted just a bit longer this year.

 I have the goal of one year having a great Christmas Eve party with lots of people and cheer and then we all make it to midnight mass.  That is my idea of welcoming our Lord.  But for now early bedtimes dictate party plans and Christmas enjoyment.
We are not huge New Year party people.  We usually feel pretty sad because we know the end of the Christmas season is coming and we have a whole year to wait for Advent to begin again.  We know we have to get back to work and school and the week of quiet peace is over.

WE will start school on Monday. I have 2 weeks to get some good school done before I switch to having a baby mode.  I will then take off again for 2 weeks.  So today I am tired just thinking about planning for school and starting up again. 

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