Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Day...

 The light really pours in this house this time of year.  The sun is so low in the sky here in Virginia it always feels like it is beaming in a window, or two or three.   Sometimes, when my floors are clean, I love the way the light makes everything look like it is glowing.  And today I was really glowing.
 My Pete really made a special day. We got to go to the Dr. together and then lunch together and then we did some kids Christmas shopping together.  Everything is better with him along.  I just felt special having him with me today..ALL DAY!!  He looked really good today too. 
 Christmas shopping you say??  Yes!!  The Dr. said I can resume all activity with the exception of working out and fun with Pete!!  Just until next Thursday.  He wants things to stay quiet for 1 more week but sees no need for me to stay on bed rest.  He checked me and the baby had moved back up and the cervix was in much better shape.  I passed the test and I am a free woman...almost..just no working out...which is REALLY hard for me..but I am being a big girl about it knowing all things pass and I will be grateful for a full pardon next week.
 But for today I just had a great day and I let people love on me and make me feel good...I bid farewell to 35 and look forward to 36. I know this will be a great year filled with lots of change and wonderfulness and the fun part of it all is..Pete!!  Each year he gets better and better..super fun to be part of that.

And to top off the day we bought fun mugs to enjoy a fun morning coffee.....  Drinking out of  a red mug in word.
Life is good and the best is yet to come...


  1. Happy birthday my dear friend! Thanks for the updates, I'm so glad that you and the baby are doing better!! Last night I made sauce while having a glass of wine, and couldn't help but think of you!! Miss you tons!

  2. This post made me realize why I am drawn to your blog (you know -- there are some blogs you are just inexplicably drawn to) -- you have such a great attitude!

    "Life is good and the best is yet to come..."

    Yes, it is!

  3. Happy Birthday, Lisa! Sounds like you truly enjoyed your special day. Glad to hear all is better with you & baby.

  4. What a neat blog! You have the most amazing pictures and the most beautiful family! I am so glad I found your blog :)
    Best wishes,