Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Date, A Cowl, A Fun Night!!

 I briefly interrupt this holiday crafting season to bring you a COMPLETELY selfish knit.
 Let me start with Saturday night, a cute guy, a packed mall and lots of knitted items.  ....
 Pete and I went on a date this last Saturday night.  The first date in 6 months.  That is a long time for us.  We had a great time and we wound up at the mall after we ate a quick dinner (I was STARVING..!) Where else would we be in December with 7 days until the big day???  Us and like 50 million other Virginians.  But excitement was in the air and we enjoyed all of it!!
 But you know what REALLY got me excited???  Seeing all the knitted things at the mall.  Like millions of scarves and hats and all sorts of wraps and cowls.  So much fun to see.  So much cheaper that making it myself..but who wants to NOT make it themselves.
 Well, I was like a kid in a candy shop..."Look Pete..I can SO make this? Yes I know I can buy it right now for 24$ but I know the greatest yarn that I could get for like $70!"  That is how much of our conversation went Saturday night.  I never know why I remind him much yarn is...
 I did get a scarf from Gap that is more like a wrap and it is black.  I bought it because I don't think I can spend a lot of money on plain black yarn.  Plus this scarf was more like a wrap and I thought it would be good for a  nursing cover in a few weeks.
We got home and I spent the next 3 hours on Ravelry looking for patterns to match what I was DROOLING over at the stores.  I knew instantly I would knit the Gaptastic Cowl..and that is what I did.  I had some super chunky yarn in my small stash and I finished it last night.  It took 2 night of knitting and a very sore hand.  Knitting chunky, heavy yarn on sz. 15 can really wear out your dainty little hands especially when I was FLYING to finish this little beauty.  I have another one ready to cast on after I finish Emily's hat and Molly's fingerless mitts Jack's mittens, Lucy's mittens, and the baby blanket.  But really...I can squeeze this in at any time!!


  1. Your cowl looks great! I bet so much better than what was in the stores!

  2. what a gorgeous cowl!! I love seeing knitted things at the mall, too- but then I always think, 'i could knit that!'

  3. Black yarn is really hard to knit with so good choice on the gap buy! Very nice cowl.

  4. Love it! I want one too! I also knit a cowl this week, but a Tuesday Night cowl.

  5. I wanted to make sure you new that you and your sweater were on a very famous knitters web-site here is here is the link http://knitbot.com/2011/12/23/2011-wispy-cardi-round-up/



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