Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Craft Challenges

Crafting and creating is really not that unmanageable right now.  The kids are getting better at playing nicely for longer periods of time and I can squeeze things in here and there a little easier..for now anyway...until #6 arrives .

But where I still struggle is getting supplies to craft with.  I have the hardest time getting out to any stores.  I love yarn stores and I usually get to one 1 or 2 times a month which is wonderful..but sometimes I need more in the in between time..

And then there is the fabric store...I CAN NOT GO TO THE FABRIC STORE WITH 5 CHILDREN and leave a happy mama. 
I know lots of people buy gear online but I still need to touch and feel in order to decide. I think with more experience I may be able to buy things on line a little easier.

Today I attempted to go to the fabric store with all 5 kids and my mom.  We were 5 minutes from getting there and Lucy got sick all over the car..needless to say,  I did not make it there today!  I will give it a go tomorrow and hope for a successful trip.


  1. LOVE the picture of the rocking chairs in front of the fire pit. Would be a great knit spot!

  2. Yes, the fabric store somehow turns even the most well-behaved child into a tornado waiting to happen! That is one place I have to go WITHOUT any of the kids. Usually I CAN take the kids to the craft store like Michael's, as long as I know exactly what I need to get. There are enough things to keep them interested.