Thursday, December 29, 2011

Almost January... And Still Growing

I am really not that vain.  Even though I have a blog that features  And recently I have been knitting a lot for And maybe taking lots of pictures of wearing those knitted items. I promise I am not that vain.
I am just pregnant for the 9th time and I know that once this time is gone, and the belly shrinks back, I will never remember what this all felt like and what I looked like pregnant.
Thankfully the memory of leg cramps and back pain will also fade.  So will the memories of spending most of Christmas day sitting because I was having some trouble with some parts that make it hard to stand when they are SWOLLEN!! 
I will have this baby and then immediately look at all pregnant women with that little sense of envy.  I will wonder what it would be like to be pregnant again.  I know me.  I will forget all of this.  The sleepless, uncomfortable nights when you pee 45 times 1 teaspoon each time.  I will forget that the last days leading up to baby take an eternity to pass.
I won't remember that I wear the same jeans EVERYDAY because they are the only ones that feel comfortable. 
I will just want to know the feeling of being pregnant again.

Well, here I am...pregnant. I feel...pregnant.  Sometimes it makes me smile until it hurts and then sometimes.....
But this will end.  This will all be part of my story and I WILL FORGET how I felt and how I looked.  But thanks to my many knitted objects I have a pretty good record of how I looked this fall while I grew this little baby.  No other belly of mine has been this photographed.
With some of the kids I have no pictures of me pregnant..NOT THE CASE HERE!!  So thank you for bearing with ...
MORE OF ME!!  I have grown this pregnancy more than any other.  I have had to change myself in more ways than ever before. 
I am supposed to have this baby on January 18th by c-section.  This will be my 4th c-section and I can promise you no more belly shots after January 18th...nobody wants to remember that....especially me!! 


  1. I don't blame you one bit. One of my regrets of being pregnant with my daughter is not taking pictures of me. I do not have any "belly shots" and very few of my whole body during my pregnancy. That's something I want to change for the next pregnancy.

  2. I'v been reading your blog about a half a year and so thankful for it- that gives some joy and power to my life with only two kids:)
    I had two c-section and very afraid of third. You are very brave, and God bless you.

  3. Thanks for the reminder about how all of this fades after baby is born. I've got just over 2 months to go, what I think is a case of PUPPP rash and while my brain feels ready to conquer anything, my body just doesn't agree. I think there is only 1 photo of me this pregnancy...something I will try to remedy.

  4. You look absolutely wonderful! Thank you for sharing your journey! Wishing you wonderful (and as comfortable as possible) expectation these next three weeks!