Friday, December 30, 2011

Getting Wrapped Up

 I have really been enjoying these last 2 weeks of 2011.  I love when people are organized enough to do a year in review on their blogs.  That would not be me.
 I can recap last week because it was so recent...

 Our Christmas was filled with smiles, sick kids and lots of excitement.  One thing we did this year was go to Mass Christmas morning at 7:00a.m .  WE got the kids up, got them dressed and put them in the car.
 No peaking at the tree..nothing.  The kids were so excited and getting to Mass felt very special.
 We were focused on Jesus and the reason for the day and then we came home and celebrated.  It felt so ...right for us this year.
 When we got home some kids went right back into PJ's and some kids just stayed in their church clothes.  We felt like the morning and joy lasted just a bit longer this year.

 I have the goal of one year having a great Christmas Eve party with lots of people and cheer and then we all make it to midnight mass.  That is my idea of welcoming our Lord.  But for now early bedtimes dictate party plans and Christmas enjoyment.
We are not huge New Year party people.  We usually feel pretty sad because we know the end of the Christmas season is coming and we have a whole year to wait for Advent to begin again.  We know we have to get back to work and school and the week of quiet peace is over.

WE will start school on Monday. I have 2 weeks to get some good school done before I switch to having a baby mode.  I will then take off again for 2 weeks.  So today I am tired just thinking about planning for school and starting up again. 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Almost January... And Still Growing

I am really not that vain.  Even though I have a blog that features  And recently I have been knitting a lot for And maybe taking lots of pictures of wearing those knitted items. I promise I am not that vain.
I am just pregnant for the 9th time and I know that once this time is gone, and the belly shrinks back, I will never remember what this all felt like and what I looked like pregnant.
Thankfully the memory of leg cramps and back pain will also fade.  So will the memories of spending most of Christmas day sitting because I was having some trouble with some parts that make it hard to stand when they are SWOLLEN!! 
I will have this baby and then immediately look at all pregnant women with that little sense of envy.  I will wonder what it would be like to be pregnant again.  I know me.  I will forget all of this.  The sleepless, uncomfortable nights when you pee 45 times 1 teaspoon each time.  I will forget that the last days leading up to baby take an eternity to pass.
I won't remember that I wear the same jeans EVERYDAY because they are the only ones that feel comfortable. 
I will just want to know the feeling of being pregnant again.

Well, here I am...pregnant. I feel...pregnant.  Sometimes it makes me smile until it hurts and then sometimes.....
But this will end.  This will all be part of my story and I WILL FORGET how I felt and how I looked.  But thanks to my many knitted objects I have a pretty good record of how I looked this fall while I grew this little baby.  No other belly of mine has been this photographed.
With some of the kids I have no pictures of me pregnant..NOT THE CASE HERE!!  So thank you for bearing with ...
MORE OF ME!!  I have grown this pregnancy more than any other.  I have had to change myself in more ways than ever before. 
I am supposed to have this baby on January 18th by c-section.  This will be my 4th c-section and I can promise you no more belly shots after January 18th...nobody wants to remember that....especially me!! 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Somethings From Nothings

I had grand plans for hand making at least one gift for each child.  I had some intricate items planned...but reality set in and believe it or not I am NOT a fast knitter. And sewing is still pretty new that I was not exactly without my seam ripper a time or two.  So sit back, relax and see what I was able to put under the tree......
I like to call this...Something from Nothing...

 I wanted to make the little kids something they could play with.  Hand knitted stuff is pretty but not much fun.
These play capes were so fun to make and pretty simple.  They were perfect for me to whip out in the 2 week time period I gave myself.  I loved them so much I sewed 2 more for my niece and nephew. 

 I got the pattern from Growing Up Sew Liberated.  I have a few more things planned to make from this book.
 I wanted to make the crowns but I saw this crown for 3$ at Target and decided that these were PERFECT!!
 Emily's scarf was born out of the need to make something QUICK.  Since I took a break to make MYSELF that gaptastic cowl I was running out of time.  I had some chunky yarn, my size 17 needles and made a garter stitch scarf.  Super fun to make because it took 2 evenings and I could watch one of the many horrible movies Pete had picked out...kind of a treat for him to have me sit and suffer through a movie with him!!
 She loves wearing knits and I thought a scarf would be perfect...

 And hey I may or may not have thought that I would also be able to wear this very simple scarf as well... Molly Molly was in need of something made from Mama.  I did not knit her anything for her birthday because I was sick as a dog and it was like 5 million degrees outside.  I was able to make stuff for Emily for her birthday so I knew Molly was OVERDUE!!! 
 Here's the deal with Molly...she has VERY sensitive skin!!  Things itch and scratch and she does not keep things on for long.  I have knit her many hats that have gone to the rarely worn pile.  I wanted to make something pretty, but wearable.  She always has cold hands and I thought some fingerless mittens would be good for play and warmth.
 I had a head start with these mittens because I made the first one last year.  I loved knitting this pattern because it is a Louisa Harding pattern and she makes things very feminine and simple.  Perfect for my little Molly Jane..feminine and simple!!
 She HAD to model them with her new bear..Sprinkles!!
 And just for good measure I threw in a scarf for myself.  This is the big lace scarf from More Last Minute Knitted Gifts.  I still had a major hand cramp from whipping through my cowl..but I suffered through for the sake of a new scarf!!
 Even though I have like a million...
 This one is special , it is the same yarn as Emily's..we kinda match!!
 And Jack was also part of the cape club.  His was all BLACK and not as much fun to on black is pretty...BLACK!!
 But perfect for this little guy.  Darth Vader..or Batman...he is ready!!

Lucy got a cape too but was to busy this morning strangling Priscilla for our photo shoot.  Some things must be done properly!!

Join Ginny for more knitted projects

Monday, December 26, 2011

My 2nd Day of Christmas!

 We had a great Christmas!  Everything was very calm and easy.  We did most of our shopping on-line and things just felt so smooth.  I have lots of pictures to show but I thought I would just brief you on some other things before I recapped Christmas.
 We got up today with the intention to start painting.  Pete has a long winter break and he needs to have things to do.  We thought painting these flat builder's grade walls would be a great project to keep him going over the next few weeks.
 I then decided to rearrange EVERY room in the house.  I started moving furniture in one room and then one thing led to the next and before you know it...every room has been transformed.
 Call it nesting, call it sick of seeing the furniture in the same place as last month....whatever it is, I LOVE moving furniture around.  When the movers come in with stuff you just make a quick decision on where everything should be placed.  I liked things the way they were but I needed a little something different.
 We did wrap that up after lunch and went straight to Lowe's to buy paint.  As I speak Pete is painting the bathroom, the girls are folding laundry and the little kids are watching a Christmas movie.  I am down stairs in my newly transformed living room writing to you....
I had to use these leg warmer pictures because I just LOVE them.  I made them last year and Emily asked if she could wear them the other day.  We have been seeing all these cute leg warmers worn over skinny jeans and it looks so cute.  She looked so good in them I asked her to pose for me.  I love this girl!!  She loves hand knit things and she is always asking to wear them.  I just beam!!

Anyway..Lucy is upstairs needing mama.  Dinner needs to be cooked and I have Christmas pictures to go through. 

Happy 2nd day of Christmas!!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

My Almost Christmas Letter

 Pete and I cleaned the whole house today.  He is such a huge help! Breathing and cleaning at the same time is REALLY hard to do right now.  But as I was cleaning I was composing a Christmas letter in my that I know I will never send.
 I say things more freely in my head and then when I sit down to type the words they no longer sound that ..good!  But I do love reading other people's Christmas letters and I always think I want to send one...but I never will.  But for now, on Christmas Eve's eve when all in the house is peaceful and calm (thanks to Pete putting Priscilla down ) I think I will jot down a few Christmas letterish things.
 Hi Friends, I hope this letter finds you all enjoying a Christ filled Advent season.  I know you await the Christmas season with lots of hope and joy.  We have had a busy year and next year promises more of the same.
 In June we packed up and left Alabama after living there for 4 happy years.  We drove to Virginia during the hottest month of the year during my first trimester. I felt SO AWFUL and when we arrived here the misery endured for 17 LONG weeks.  I am sure we had a good time during those weeks.  I am sure lots of great things happened in our family that I should cherish...but even thinking back to that time makes me feel sick to my tummy.
 Finally I was feeling better and  I picked up my knitting needles after a pretty long break.  I have been PRETTY obsessed ever since....
       In between knitting, getting us all settled in Virginia, and growing a new baby, I have managed to keep on top of home schooling Jack, Emily and Molly.  Some days I do a better job than others. But I try my best most everyday and worry about what I am NOT doing the other half of the days.

 I am constantly praying that I am doing the right thing for all of us.  Some days it all feels so right and other days it feels so...HARD!!  Emily is in 5th grade and is now 10.  She is a good student and a HUGE help to me with everything this family does.  Molly is in 3rd grade and follows Emily's example of being a good student.  I am super grateful for the work they put in and I know it could be a lot harder if it were not for there willingness to do good in school.
 Much of my doubt on home schooling comes from me not being confident that I am enough for them, that I can match their abilities. (Maybe that is not Christmas card appropriate...just forget that I mentioned that.)
And then there is my Jack.  My boy.  My boy who is very different than my girls.  He makes me run through every emotion possible when we are doing his lessons.  At one moment I want to squeeze him because he is so stinkin' cute...and moments later I want to ring his neck because sometimes the lights are on and NOBODY SEEMS TO BE HOME.  But overall this year is about me doing something everyday with him to get him reading and he is on lesson 70 of his 100 easy lessons and so far so good.  He is doing a great job...just his own style and pacing...not his sisters'.
 And still keeping my running from one end of this house to the other is my last 2 little girls...Lucy and Priscilla.  Lucy is 4 1/2 and she is one good time.  She is so full of energy and life it is hard to keep up.  I have done nothing for her this year in the preschool arena except the occasional craft project that she LOVES.  I sense a change in her.  I am hoping 2012 brings a calmer Lucy and one that is able to transition to the big kid group soon.
 But my Priscilla Mae is still my baby.  My baby who REFUSES to even consider the potty.  No girl has given me this much trouble.  She is so opposed to it that we have given up even trying for the time being.  She will be 3 January 20.  I will deal with this next year and hope to have 1 baby in diapers before to long.  We are going on 5 years with people in diapers.  At one point it was the 3 little ones ALL TOGETHER.  So going back to 2 in diapers is not ideal...but I can cope. She is so excited for this new baby and I think she will do great when she gets promoted to big sister.
 Pete just wrapped up his first semester at George Mason.  He did great and we have gotten used to having a college kid around here.  The class schedule has been nice and not having duty or work trips is super nice.  He gets a kick out of shocking people when they first meet him and ask him about his family..he loves seeing the reaction when these young MBA students learn that he is about to have his 6th child.  He is a great example of a good strong husband and father and these young grad students are not used to such classmates.  

Blogging and photography has been a bit weak over the last few months.  I enjoy this space so much and want to be better about adding more things. I love that people read this blog and I cherish each comment people leave. 
I may never write a book , or change your life by what I share here....but I have fun sharing and I love that you are here!!
Merry Christmas!! 

p.s I am not sure if that is EXACTLY what I would have written in a Christmas letter....but you get the is hard, full and ever changing and that is exactly what I hope to share!