Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Yarn Along,,,Late to the Party

Lots to share..lots to share.
First, I made this little Milo vest about 2 weeks ago. I had seen Ginny's pictures of it and then I got to see little Silas in it one afternoon and I knew I NEEDED to knit it for my baby to be.

 Then I went to a yarn store in Maryland and they had a sample Milo knit up and it was SO cute.  I was not to confident on my skills so I bought a cheaper yarn to just give it a "try".  I saw it in a Rowan DK yarn which was LOVELY, and I think Ginny's Milo for Silas was knit in Sweet Basil yarn. Both stunning yarn, but a little pricey for me that afternoon.  So I went with a Cascade 220 skein at $8.  I figured if I blew it I was only out 8$.
I don't LOVE the color..but it was the most neutral shade available for my maybe girl/maybe boy baby.  I love pink and gray together so I felt safe with gray.
Anyway, I began knitting and there was a frustrating thing happening when I increased EVERY round only at the join..there was a little hole. I ripped out and restarted several times.  What was I doing???
I called a professional Milo knitter and told her it was an EMERGENCY...PLEASE CALL ME AND TELL ME WHY I HAD A HOLE.
She called back and said..."No is just a weird thing that happens with some types of yarn and this pattern.  It will be fine at the end you won't even notice."
I pressed on and finished this very sweet, very small vest the next day.  I loved everything about knitting this little vest and I plan to knit more....

 But the success I had with that little vest just gave me more fuel to add to my "I need to knit a grown up sweater" fire BURNING inside me.  And last Wednesday night I just decided to pick SOMETHING and try it.  I looked and looked and looked.  I finally decided on the Whispy pattern from Knitbot.  I read like EVERY project on Ravelry and it was talked about as an easy to knit cardigan.  I went to Fibre Space and asked my favorite yarn lady what she thought...and she thought..."Those are tiny needles with tiny yarn...are you up for this kind of commitment?"
 I was sure I was up for it.  I had been whipping through so many projects I thought it would be good to have something to keep me busy longer than a few days.  I wanted to focus on just one thing.  Well...
 I have been knitting my head off and I am just about to bind off the 2nd sleeve.  It is taking me FOREVER to get to this point.  It is all stockinette stitch for the 2 sleeves and the upper shrug part of the it is not the most diverse start to this cardigan.  But I am here...I am committed and I am excited to see how it all ends up.  I will admit to being 1 day behind where I should be.  But I knit the first sleeve in the medium and at the end I realized this would be WAY to big for me.  So I ripped out the whole thing and smiled so as not to cry.  I did not want to knit 9 more inches in stockinette on size 6 with fingering weight yarn.  But I asked for this.  I wanted a light cardigan knit with light yarn so I did not add any bulk to my GROWING figure....
 So here I am 1 week since swatching (which I had never done before but I actually took the time with this sweater) and I actually have made progress.  I am so excited to see the finished product.  I have grand visions of a perfect fit with GREAT style.
 By the way...(I am wearing my School House Tunic that I sewed a few months ago. I think I made 3 or 4 of them and I wear them  ALL the time.  I am thinking of sewing a few more)
 And just because I finally FINISHED this project I thought I would share.  I knit the Chloe sweater last spring.  I finished the entire sweater in just a few short days..but I could not get the button loop thing worked out.  I also did not LOVE the yarn color I knit it in.  I ordered it off the Internet and the color was more peachy than pink and I think I hated the color I never cared if I finished it for wear.  But my mom is good at crocheting and she did the button loop for me.
 I LOVE this little sweater and I remember LOVING the project while I was working on it.  Alana Dakos of  Never Not Knitting is one of my favorite pattern designers right now.  She writes really good patterns and I just love her taste.
So that is it for now.  I hope to show you ME and MY Whispy soon!!!

Join Ginny for some GREAT knitting inspiration...


  1. busy busy Mama, happy knitting xx

  2. I love the milo knit. The shrug pattern looks like it has a pretty drape. I love the details on it. Of coarse I love your school house top. I want to make a wool dress with that pattern for winter. :)

  3. Cute, cute and more cute! Love the Milo and Lucy's sweet sweater! I can't wait to see your finished cardigan!