Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Yarn Along..It Is Done!!

So folks..I did it.  I knit a sweater.  Well, truth be told it is more like a longer-ish shrug.  I have so much to share so if you are not into details just scroll down, check out the pictures Emily took and have a fantastic day...
But I must share, if for nobody else but myself.
 It took me 10 days to knit this.  I had to rip it out to begin with because the arms were HUGE..that set me back 2 full days.  I decided to go with the small because the med. arms were so huge.  The whole piece is a little to small on me but not because of the size choice...I made a CRUCIAL mistake when picking up stitches for the collar and the neckline.  I never put markers where the pattern stated.  I don't know how I missed this.  I was just so excited to be picking up stitches and really getting it that I just skimmed over the PM part of the pattern.
So later on when it said to bind off for the neck I did not know where to start and stop..oops.  So that is why it came out a little snug right by my underarm/boob area.  I then decided to NOT increase as much as the pattern called for.  I did not want the "wings" to be to "wingy" in the front, so I decided to increase less, which I think hurt me in the end.

 Anyway..I LOVE this darn thing with all my heart.  I love her..I love her..even if she is more of a shrugish cardigan thing.  I LOVE HER!!  I used Spud and Cloe sock in the sidewalk colorway.  It is basically a silvery gray and I love it.  I sometimes wish I went for a snappy blue but I think I will wear my gray shrugish/cardigan thing more often. may have noticed that I am rather ROUND right now and I am hoping to look less round one day in January/ February and by then I am hoping this little precious shrugish/cardigan will outline me a little better.

And just to let you know..if you happen to stop by my house at anytime over the next few weeks I WILL BE WEARING THIS SWEATER!!
I loved knitting this and I loved what I was able to do, pick up stitches, short rows, seamed sleeves and followed MOST of the directions. and had a great time.  What more can a girl ask for in a hand knit....
Well..maybe  a little better fit.
But now skies the limit.  My next mission,  this sweater, and then this sweater and then who knows.  But for right now on my needles I have a quick hat that I am working on and I am using the yarn called for
Brooklyn Tweed SHELTER, which I LOVE so far.  Like really love and can't wait to use let's say the Levenwick sweater. 

All pictures were taken by Emily on a perfectly gray Tuesday...
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  1. I LOVE the shape of your shrugish (and that you invented a new type of garment - I can see many uses for a shrugish)!

  2. I am soooo impressed. I've never learned to knit. Even though what you describe is a foreign language to me, I'd like to try it some day. Emily did a good job taking pictures too!

  3. Very, very cute! I can imagine it adds just the right amount of warmth for pregnancy. :) I have 2-3 sweaters for myself on my list, but they'll have to wait until after Christmas. I really want to make the Shalom cardigan and February Lady sweater (you can find them in my ravelry queue). That Levenwick is quite adorable too! You should make the sweater I made for your little guy. It's such a quick knit and the pattern goes up to size 10. :)

  4. You did a great job! I have never attempted a sweater for myself because I can't imagine how long it would take me (certainly longer than 10 days -- wow!) and I have no confidence in my ability to get it even close to fitting right. I guess that comes from disappointments in the sewing arena. I will just knit smaller garments for my daughter. I am currently working on a Tiny yea leaves cardigan for her -- which one of your girls would LOVE (but then which one would be a problem!) and it's really fun to knit.

    Anyway, you did a really great job! I love the color.

  5. It came out beautiful. Love it! The next sweater you want to try, the asymetrical front, is soooo cute!

  6. Your cardi looks so cute on your pretty self! I knitted 'Whisper' a while back and love it too - just a little something light for a cool day, isn't it?

  7. Beautiful, Lisa! It will be so nice to wear this winter, indoors. You'll enjoy it so much. Congratulations!

  8. Your sweater is absolutely beautiful! You look so pretty in it and I love the style :) Great job!!

  9. congratulations! knitting your first sweater is such a huge thing, you'll never forget it. it's lovely and looks great on you. you have a great smile too!

  10. Your sweater came out great ! You have made an unbelieveble amount of progress in your knitting. I've never seen anyone go so quickly from basic beginner to making whatever they want, as you have. You are amazing !

    You've encouraged me to get back to knitting. I have a shawl that I'm making for a friend in Lion brand's "Homespun". I have 4 feet finished of a 5 foot shawl and have put off finishing it because the yarn is SO difficult to work with. I want to get it done so that I can try some of the things you've made, like socks and mittens.

    Emily, you did a great job taking those pictures.Congratulations !

  11. Adorable! AND the sweater! Nice work! I am still baffled by the fact that not too long ago you didn't even know how to knit and now you're just whipping up sweaters for yourself in 10 days! Holy cow!