Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday Yarn Update

Let me start by saying thank you for all your kind words and well wishing.  I am doing fine and baby is safe and sound so far. I can promise you I have done the best I know how to do with someone telling you to lay down all day when you feel FINE!!  It is REALLY hard to really hard.  I did GREAT Monday since I was still feeling pretty yucky from ALL the drugs they gave me. And yesterday I did pretty good too...but .my back was KILLING me from laying around so stinkin' much.  And today....well I am trying I promise.

 During Thanksgiving I finished this little hat.  It was made out of Brooklyn Tweed Shelter yarn..very fun yarn.  It feels very rustic and natural.  After being blocked it softens and is really cozy.  It came out a little...roundish for me and I don't think I love it.  I do like the garter stitch around the whole hat...but the shape of the hat is a little ...not me.
 I do like making hats.  They are quick and easy and fun to wear.  I think I may need a new hat to get my fun knitting juices flowing this week.
 I bought this yarn to start on the Liesel Cardigan from Ysolda Teague.  I really like the way the pattern has gotten great reviews and I see lots of people have knit it using Malbrigo yarn which is super affordable.  So I thought for 2 skeins worth I would give it a go.  I have done nothing with it so far since I have to wind it myself and I HATE doing that.
 I also finished my Honey Cowl out of 1 skein on Madeline Tosh DK.  I splurged on this yarn and wanted to make a project from just 1 skein.  This Honey Cowl was perfect.  I love the color and her yarn is AMAZING!!  I want to knit the world in Madeline Tosh...and possibly in this color.  I have not taken the thing off in 24 hours.  I really love it!
 I am not even worried about it matching ANYTHING I own.  It is blue and beautiful and who cares if I have on orange for the day...

Sorry about the LAME-O photos.  I was all by myself yesterday and got  little bored so I started taking pictures of my knitting which is what most people do when they are bored.
 And what is about to be finished tonight is this little blue cardigan for a little baby to be born in January.  It is so sweet and knit with DK weight yarn.  It took me a bit longer to finish this guy than I would have thought...but I am excited to slap on some buttons and call it FINISHED!!
 This yarn is soft and perfect for a baby.  But here is what I have been thinking over the last few days.  I like knitting accessories.  I really like hats and little things.  I do not think I like making mittens even though I am working on a pair right now.  I want to make a scarf for ME. I want to use that Malbrigo yarn you saw up  there.  I have spent a lot of my "bed rest"time searching for the right scarf to make for me!!  Here is the other thing...I really like to knit for ME!!  I do.  I like to make it, finish it and wear it!  I am hoping to feel more generous next year.
Until then I love my ever growing pile of knitted things.  And next time I write to you all I hope to tell you the Dr. said I am cleared for take-off and I may live my life again in mindful moderation.

And tomorrow is my birthday.  I have always been a big fan of my birthday.  I will be 36 and officially considered ADVANCED MATERNAL AGE.  I go to the Dr. in the morning excorted by Pete and hopefully out to lunch afterwards.  I ordered myself a new flat iron for the 36 year old celebration..but she is not here yet.  My old flat iron is like 3 years old...and she was just not keeping up with me anymore.  Anyway I love December 1st and I plan to have a great day...bed or no bed!!


  1. All the knitting looks wonderful! A friend and I were talking a little bit ago about how bed rest sounds wonderful until you are forced to do nothing for a time... I wish you health and a lack of boredom in this time of "rest!"

  2. Everything looks lovely. I hope your birthday is extra happy! :)

  3. I do understand about having to rest when you feel fine! Glad to hear you are feeling better and Happy Birthday
    Love the belly shot, you are just beautiful!

  4. Hope you have a terrific birthday and a terrific doctor's appointment!

  5. Oh, Lisa, you got some Malabrigo yarn! It is GREAT, I've only used it once; but I enjoyed every moment using it! :) You'll love working with it. I'm glad to hear that your knitting and the baby are all doing good! All the best!


  6. Hey Lisa!! Glad that everything is going well now. Please take care of yourself! I hope you have a wonderful birthday. We miss you all soooo much. God bless, Angela Wilson

  7. Wow, you've been busy! The hat is cute and so is the baby sweater. Oh and I love Malbrigo yarn.

  8. Have a happy, happy birthday today Lisa ! I know that it's hard to take it easy when you don't feel sick. Once, when I had thrown my back out and had to "take it easy" with four children under six, my doctor gave me some great advice. He said,"Look for the unnecessary things you do that you can modify. Don't lift your two year old out of the tub and stand her on the toilet seat to dry her. Instead, hold her hands and help her step out of the tub and onto the bathmat." He said to look for those kinds of things that I unknowingly did all through my day. I was amazed at how many times I did unnecessary lifting throughout my day. Sit and knit, Lisa, whenever you can. I'll be looking forward to seeing your projects. You and the baby will be in my prayers. Have a blessed day.

  9. Happy, Happy Birthday to you!! It was so great to talk to you last night, even though you didn't even give me a hint that today was your big day! I hope it's been wonderful!

  10. Wow - Lisa! I haven't been here for awhile - not since you started knitting actually - and I'm super impressed with the things you are making now - way to go - it's so fun to see you so far along with something not (too) long ago you were just starting. So encouraging.

  11. These projects are wonderful! I am hoping you will share the names of the pattern for the hat and cowl. I really want to make some too!

  12. Love the hat - is there a pattern to share :)