Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Day

 My friend Jane and I were talking the other day and she asked me, "How do you have time to do all this knitting? What about laundry, housework and school stuff?"
 I probably gave her more details then she wanted, but it left me wondering if anyone else wondered this.  I know we are all so busy these days no matter how many children you have. Wondering how people get it all done is a common question.  I listen to certain pod-cast people, or read the blogs of some women and I often think.."Oh my...I could never do that."
 But I will brief you on how certain things flow in this here life of mine...first I will start with Pete..I get SO much done because of him being who he is.  He is a guy who likes clean floors, folded laundry and clean counters. So HE HELPS ME A TON!!  He is always working right beside me when he is home.  I keep up with most of the essentials of laundry and picking up throughout the day, but he always helps when he can.
 I have mentioned before that I am not much of a CLEANER..but I do FORCE myself to clean potties and sweep and mop floors on a regular/daily basis.  I am constantly in a repeat pattern of those few items.   I am always making deals with myself..."When you get the kids down for a nap you must set the timer and clean the kitchen cabinets for 15 minutes before you can TOUCH a knitting needle."
 I have also had the girls pitch in with lots of laundry folding and putting away.  I am pretty much always on top of laundry because I won't let myself do other things until that is done. happens Monday-Wednesday from 8:00 until it is done (Thursday they go to a day school and we don't do school on Fridays. Sunday afternoon we have 2 to 3 subjects we will do too).  Some days school is done by 2:30..other days we end by noon.  I am really focused during that time on moving from child to child getting assignments done and keeping the little girls happy and NOT FIGHTING.  Keeping them from fighting is my biggest challenge this year.  They have a 5 minute window of happy play before someone gets burned.  So between lessons and helping the girls and Jack I am moving the little girls from one thing to the next.  It is a CRAZY few hours but I try and stay focused the whole time.
I may switch out laundry or run the swifter during school time..but I try to keep my mind on school.  At 1:00 our family has quiet time.  Priscilla still naps everyday and Lucy sleeps 2/3 days a week.  But even if you are not a napper, you are in your room for 1-2 hours for quiet reading/play time.  I try to NOT do school during this time, but most days I have to do some sort of schooling and it can sometimes take all of the quiet time.  I really try to plan the morning to have that time free for whatever I need to do.  And lately I have used that time for some knitting and reading..for me!!

 The girls also try to keep their quiet time to themselves. They love the peaceful calm that comes over the house and they cherish the reading time too.  They work really hard to have all school done by quiet time or finish up during this time.  I won't always knit because sometimes I have stuff to do that did not get done in the morning hours.
 Basically I am working at all of everything ALL day long.  When I don't have anymore "work" to do I knit and knit and knit.  And at night when my brain is toast and my body is wore out I knit for  about 2 hours.  And lately with the weather being so nice I will take the kids to out lake and knit a few rows while they throw rocks in the water.  I knit at cheer leading practice, and in the car while I am waiting to pick the kids up from their day-school and while I am waiting for pasta to boil for dinner...just whenever I have a minute I LOVE to do a row or 2.
 We all make time for what matters to us.  Right now knitting matters to me so I use my time throughout the day as best as I can so I can knit when the minute arises.  I think having something to look forward to doing helps keep me focused. It helps me get my work done so I feel good when I am not working. 
I am sure I could do more housework, or read just a little more to the little kids, or many other things..but this is the way it is for me right now.  I am here and I am sure I have room for improvement....but I do the best I can and the days I don't do the best I can I try harder the next day. 

p.s the colors here are amazing right now and I have taken more pictures of leaves than I ever thought possible...fall rocks!!

and another p.s...notice I did not say much about cooking. Right now simple is my main course. I do not spend a lot of time or money on food right now.  We eat chili, taco's, chicken breast with rice, pasta and chicken with broccoli, steak with baked potatoes, chicken soup, sausage with pasta, red beans and rice...stuff like that.  I have like 10 things I make OVER and OVER again with little variations that I know people like.  One day I hope to have more to add to that list but right now eating is a job to be checked off the list so I can move on to other jobs. I know one day it will not be like that...but this season simple is our dinner of choice!!


  1. As I was reminding my boys to clean up after themselves after breakfast this morning, I told them this story. I said I hope their wives will rise up and call me blessed one day because I taught them to clean up after themselves and clean the house like Mr. Melnick!


  2. Wow, glad I found you. We are so much alike... the way we homeschool, knit in every spare moment, even how we cook (simple dinners). Love the new sweater too. Added you to my Ravelry friends and look forward to following you here.