Thursday, November 17, 2011

Here We Go...

Life goes from one extreme to the other.  I get so excited when I finish a project, act civil for the whole day with my children, don't cry for at least a 3 hour period, you know simple accomplishments....
Then you feel lower than low and you don't know where it came from , but you would like it to leave.But to be honest I know EXACTLY where mine is coming from...a few places....
1. A 4 year old that fights CONSTANTLY with my 2 year old
2. My 2 year old who ADORES my 4 year old and shows her that by SCREAMING her head off ALL DAY whenever there is a slight issue.
3. My 5 year old who seems lost unless he is being played with by a sibling..he can not play by himself or figure out what makes him happy AT ALL!!
4. ME...who has been yelling and loosing my cool way to much this week.
5. And Five..last but not least I have been told that I have....
Gestational Diabetes....
Not exactly the news you are thrilled to hear 1 week before Thanksgiving,  and before you have 6 guests coming for the week and 29 weeks pregnant feeling every bit as pregnant.
I cried yesterday for like a long time..then I thought.."How have been wanting to stop eating certain things for awhile now, now you have TO!! big deal.  This is a challenge!"

But today the crying has it over the GB??  I don't think so.  Yes I will miss my coke, and white chocolate mocha's, and whatever else I can't have...but I can do this.

The problem is I have no idea what to do.  The clinic has not called back with my appointment date and for right now I am eating chicken and drinking water.

In the end I know this feeling will pass.  I will feel in control of my feelings and reactions again one day. I just hope it is soon.


  1. So sorry that's happened. That is hard--you go a ahead and cry. I would. It's doable, but not what you would hope for.

    You'll might get sent to a nutrition clinic like I did. (I was borderline with our last child). I hate to admit it, but it really did help me a lot in my pregnancy--I was eating wrong and I started to feel a lot better after I went to the clinic. The strangest thing I was told was to eat a small bowl of full fat vanilla ice cream before bed so it wasn't all bad. But I had to really watch my morning carbs (which I loved and craved)--no more cereal etc.

    You can do it! Thankfully it is short lived, hopefully.

  2. Please let me know if I can help. I had it with both kids and I still have my diet book which tells you what to eat. :)


  3. Had it with all three. The first much worse than the second two. It is a bit trying but really does make you eat healthier. I know it seems like so much but you can make some small adjustments and it won't be so bad. I completely understand how overwhelming it feels though.

  4. You are one strong Mama!! You will definitely get through it and have a wonderful birthday!!! You look great!!

  5. God Bless you my friend! You are an amazing and strong woman, keep it up!! And when you figure out how to stop the fighting between the four yr old and 2 yr old..... please let me know :) Miss you so much!!

  6. Deep breath. I had GD with my last 2 pregnancies. I remember the horror and fear I had when I got the call and the four LONG days before I met with a nutritionist. Afraid that every bite I took of food would hurt the baby. 2nd time, I had to be on insulin the whole time. It's not the easiest of roads, but a manageable one. Bonus, you get lots of fabulous ultrasounds to monitor baby's growth. Amazing to see them in there! Hang in there. The doctors will spell it all out for you and it may take some trial and error with foods, etc to get it right. But it will all be ok. God Bless and hang in!

  7. I will be praying for you....Our family doesn't eat any form of sugar so I know you can do this for a few short monthes:) Your sweater looks great!!!!!


  8. You'll feel so much better, it will make it easier. If you look back to your postings, you'll realize you've been complaining about your energy level. Eating simple carbohidrates with diabetes can make you feel exhausted. Before I was diagnosed with GD, I sometimes had to go to bed again after eating breakfast! 3-4 fruits a day are ok, so add that to your chicken right now. Green vegetables are also ok. And thanks a lot for your blog. I've been reading it from Uruguay, South America. Alicia