Thursday, November 3, 2011

Can I Do This??

Last night I got to go to my FAVORITE knitting store..actually it is a yarn store, not just knitting.  I get in that place and loose myself and when I emerge I am floating on air because it feels like a true "break" from the everyday.  So here I am today with 3 great projects lined up, yarn wound and patterns printed.  What a great feeling.
One thing that happened last night that was so funny I chuckled well into the night. ...

As I was being helped by the most helpful yarn person ever this young woman walks in with her friend.  They were "oohh- and aahh'ing" over a intricately knitted cable sweater.  The girls were so cute and the lady I was working with noticed them and their energy so she said, "I will be right with you."  I told her to just go help them and I could wait I was in NO rush and I kinda wanted to hear what they had to say.

The first girl says, "Hi, I don't know how to knit and I am not sure how much I want to, but I just want to know is knitting something like this impossible for me...(pointing to the cabled sweater)"

Let me interrupt my own story to say..I GET THIS GIRL...I too want things even thought I am not sure I really WANT to do the work to get it.  I loved her question and I loved her love of the sweater...
So the most helpful yarn lady ever says..."If you don't know how to knit or purl then you probably can't knit this sweater right away.  But all you have to do is learn to knit and purl and you can make anything you want.  You just have to put a couple of skills under your belt first."

She then goes on to tell the girls all the different ways they can eventually learn to knit...take a class, read a book, beg a friend to teach them, split a private lesson, watch u-tube.  She made it seem all so possible, like it is no big deal...

And it is not a big deal.  We are so intimidated by others sometimes we don't let ourselves see the potential in what we CAN do!!

I so loved being part of that moment.  I loved the girls asking those sweet questions, being silly but really wanting to know..CAN I DO THAT??? I loved the way the amazing yarn lady encouraged these girls and I was reminded that all knitting is made up of knits and purls....

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  1. I've just started to crochet, something I'd never thought I'd do because I am also a scrapbooker. One hobby seemed like plenty. Now I understand why people love the whole knitting/crocheting thing. I am actually taking my kids to Grandma's today for a homeschool "home-ec" day where we will be knitting, crocheting, and sewing - all things I barely know anything about. Your post reminds me of ME also! Thanks for sharing!