Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday Yarn Update

Let me start by saying thank you for all your kind words and well wishing.  I am doing fine and baby is safe and sound so far. I can promise you I have done the best I know how to do with someone telling you to lay down all day when you feel FINE!!  It is REALLY hard to really hard.  I did GREAT Monday since I was still feeling pretty yucky from ALL the drugs they gave me. And yesterday I did pretty good too...but .my back was KILLING me from laying around so stinkin' much.  And today....well I am trying I promise.

 During Thanksgiving I finished this little hat.  It was made out of Brooklyn Tweed Shelter yarn..very fun yarn.  It feels very rustic and natural.  After being blocked it softens and is really cozy.  It came out a little...roundish for me and I don't think I love it.  I do like the garter stitch around the whole hat...but the shape of the hat is a little ...not me.
 I do like making hats.  They are quick and easy and fun to wear.  I think I may need a new hat to get my fun knitting juices flowing this week.
 I bought this yarn to start on the Liesel Cardigan from Ysolda Teague.  I really like the way the pattern has gotten great reviews and I see lots of people have knit it using Malbrigo yarn which is super affordable.  So I thought for 2 skeins worth I would give it a go.  I have done nothing with it so far since I have to wind it myself and I HATE doing that.
 I also finished my Honey Cowl out of 1 skein on Madeline Tosh DK.  I splurged on this yarn and wanted to make a project from just 1 skein.  This Honey Cowl was perfect.  I love the color and her yarn is AMAZING!!  I want to knit the world in Madeline Tosh...and possibly in this color.  I have not taken the thing off in 24 hours.  I really love it!
 I am not even worried about it matching ANYTHING I own.  It is blue and beautiful and who cares if I have on orange for the day...

Sorry about the LAME-O photos.  I was all by myself yesterday and got  little bored so I started taking pictures of my knitting which is what most people do when they are bored.
 And what is about to be finished tonight is this little blue cardigan for a little baby to be born in January.  It is so sweet and knit with DK weight yarn.  It took me a bit longer to finish this guy than I would have thought...but I am excited to slap on some buttons and call it FINISHED!!
 This yarn is soft and perfect for a baby.  But here is what I have been thinking over the last few days.  I like knitting accessories.  I really like hats and little things.  I do not think I like making mittens even though I am working on a pair right now.  I want to make a scarf for ME. I want to use that Malbrigo yarn you saw up  there.  I have spent a lot of my "bed rest"time searching for the right scarf to make for me!!  Here is the other thing...I really like to knit for ME!!  I do.  I like to make it, finish it and wear it!  I am hoping to feel more generous next year.
Until then I love my ever growing pile of knitted things.  And next time I write to you all I hope to tell you the Dr. said I am cleared for take-off and I may live my life again in mindful moderation.

And tomorrow is my birthday.  I have always been a big fan of my birthday.  I will be 36 and officially considered ADVANCED MATERNAL AGE.  I go to the Dr. in the morning excorted by Pete and hopefully out to lunch afterwards.  I ordered myself a new flat iron for the 36 year old celebration..but she is not here yet.  My old flat iron is like 3 years old...and she was just not keeping up with me anymore.  Anyway I love December 1st and I plan to have a great day...bed or no bed!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Super Thankful

Hi everyone. I have been a bit absent here lately. I did not dry up in my diabetic sob and melt away to carb-free no. I instead went into pre- term labor.....
I had a busy, full Thanksgiving and the day after had some bleeding. I sat down a bit more that next day...but the bleeding did not go away. At this point many of you may be thinking...why did you not call the Dr? I wish I had a better answer than what I am about to say...I had 11 MORE relatives coming to my house for dinner on Friday. That was in addition to the 6 people who were sleeping at my house all week. This was not the time for a medical emergency. I know..I know foolish.
Well, Saturday morning things were quiet so I thought I would run over to Labor and Delivery just to check out what may be going on. I had no contractions and the bleeding would come and go. I tend to under react....especially when it comes to me. I will spare you the details and say that all the big stuff is fine. My placenta was were it should be and baby was fine. After all that checked out I thought I could go home ....then all of a sudden I started bleeding pretty bad and contracting like crazy. It all started happening so fast and I am glad it happened while I was there. The Dr. said I must have a small abruption where just part of the placentas pulls away and if we could not stop the contractions then we would be delivering this baby ASAP. I got a steroid shot to speed up lung development and then began the first stop contractions drug..tributaline...or something like that. That did NOTHING! They then put me on magnesium and cranked the dose and finally all went still .
It all was crazy and scary and I was panicked out of my mind. I stayed until today and now all is well. I am on modified bed rest until Thursday when I go see the Dr. I am so happy to be home with no baby born yet. I am hopeful that all will be fine until January. I have a lot of patience to practice over the next few weeks. Patience in knowing that doing mostly nothing is the most I should do.
I always think the more babies you have the more worried you become because you know all that can go wrong . I am so thankful that so far nothing has really gone wrong...I just hope my old bones can hold out a few more weeks. I am 31weeks and not a great time for baby to come.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Here We Go...

Life goes from one extreme to the other.  I get so excited when I finish a project, act civil for the whole day with my children, don't cry for at least a 3 hour period, you know simple accomplishments....
Then you feel lower than low and you don't know where it came from , but you would like it to leave.But to be honest I know EXACTLY where mine is coming from...a few places....
1. A 4 year old that fights CONSTANTLY with my 2 year old
2. My 2 year old who ADORES my 4 year old and shows her that by SCREAMING her head off ALL DAY whenever there is a slight issue.
3. My 5 year old who seems lost unless he is being played with by a sibling..he can not play by himself or figure out what makes him happy AT ALL!!
4. ME...who has been yelling and loosing my cool way to much this week.
5. And Five..last but not least I have been told that I have....
Gestational Diabetes....
Not exactly the news you are thrilled to hear 1 week before Thanksgiving,  and before you have 6 guests coming for the week and 29 weeks pregnant feeling every bit as pregnant.
I cried yesterday for like a long time..then I thought.."How have been wanting to stop eating certain things for awhile now, now you have TO!! big deal.  This is a challenge!"

But today the crying has it over the GB??  I don't think so.  Yes I will miss my coke, and white chocolate mocha's, and whatever else I can't have...but I can do this.

The problem is I have no idea what to do.  The clinic has not called back with my appointment date and for right now I am eating chicken and drinking water.

In the end I know this feeling will pass.  I will feel in control of my feelings and reactions again one day. I just hope it is soon.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Yarn Along..It Is Done!!

So folks..I did it.  I knit a sweater.  Well, truth be told it is more like a longer-ish shrug.  I have so much to share so if you are not into details just scroll down, check out the pictures Emily took and have a fantastic day...
But I must share, if for nobody else but myself.
 It took me 10 days to knit this.  I had to rip it out to begin with because the arms were HUGE..that set me back 2 full days.  I decided to go with the small because the med. arms were so huge.  The whole piece is a little to small on me but not because of the size choice...I made a CRUCIAL mistake when picking up stitches for the collar and the neckline.  I never put markers where the pattern stated.  I don't know how I missed this.  I was just so excited to be picking up stitches and really getting it that I just skimmed over the PM part of the pattern.
So later on when it said to bind off for the neck I did not know where to start and stop..oops.  So that is why it came out a little snug right by my underarm/boob area.  I then decided to NOT increase as much as the pattern called for.  I did not want the "wings" to be to "wingy" in the front, so I decided to increase less, which I think hurt me in the end.

 Anyway..I LOVE this darn thing with all my heart.  I love her..I love her..even if she is more of a shrugish cardigan thing.  I LOVE HER!!  I used Spud and Cloe sock in the sidewalk colorway.  It is basically a silvery gray and I love it.  I sometimes wish I went for a snappy blue but I think I will wear my gray shrugish/cardigan thing more often. may have noticed that I am rather ROUND right now and I am hoping to look less round one day in January/ February and by then I am hoping this little precious shrugish/cardigan will outline me a little better.

And just to let you know..if you happen to stop by my house at anytime over the next few weeks I WILL BE WEARING THIS SWEATER!!
I loved knitting this and I loved what I was able to do, pick up stitches, short rows, seamed sleeves and followed MOST of the directions. and had a great time.  What more can a girl ask for in a hand knit....
Well..maybe  a little better fit.
But now skies the limit.  My next mission,  this sweater, and then this sweater and then who knows.  But for right now on my needles I have a quick hat that I am working on and I am using the yarn called for
Brooklyn Tweed SHELTER, which I LOVE so far.  Like really love and can't wait to use let's say the Levenwick sweater. 

All pictures were taken by Emily on a perfectly gray Tuesday...
Now go see some more good stuff over at Ginny's

Sunday, November 13, 2011

News You Can't Miss

I have been a mad knitter this weekend.  I have left EVERYTHING that should be done..UNDONE!!  I have about 4 inches left on the bottom of my sweater.

I am so looks like it may be a little snug in the boobies area..but my boobies ARE HUGE right now with the promise to only get BIGGER in January when baby comes.  But please don't think that this will change the fact that I will be wearing this sweater ALL THE TIME!!
I learned so much from this little cardigan.  I seamed both sleeves. I did a pretty good job on both sleeves.  It seems like I do a better job with the 1st of anything and then get impatient and do a less better job on the 2nd thing.  I also picked up like 400 stitches.  I was pretty proud of me.  This was scary and I was able to do it.
So good!!

In other news.  I went and got my toes and nails done this afternoon and I feel like a million bucks.  It has been so long since I have gotten anything like that done but bending over right now cuts off ALL oxygen and I actually find myself laughing so hard at the absurdity of it all that I can't continue.
More moment to moment sweater updates will follow this week so if you are not a knitter...please come back and feel the joy and see my big boobies in a small sweater..super fun!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Yarn Along,,,Late to the Party

Lots to share..lots to share.
First, I made this little Milo vest about 2 weeks ago. I had seen Ginny's pictures of it and then I got to see little Silas in it one afternoon and I knew I NEEDED to knit it for my baby to be.

 Then I went to a yarn store in Maryland and they had a sample Milo knit up and it was SO cute.  I was not to confident on my skills so I bought a cheaper yarn to just give it a "try".  I saw it in a Rowan DK yarn which was LOVELY, and I think Ginny's Milo for Silas was knit in Sweet Basil yarn. Both stunning yarn, but a little pricey for me that afternoon.  So I went with a Cascade 220 skein at $8.  I figured if I blew it I was only out 8$.
I don't LOVE the color..but it was the most neutral shade available for my maybe girl/maybe boy baby.  I love pink and gray together so I felt safe with gray.
Anyway, I began knitting and there was a frustrating thing happening when I increased EVERY round only at the join..there was a little hole. I ripped out and restarted several times.  What was I doing???
I called a professional Milo knitter and told her it was an EMERGENCY...PLEASE CALL ME AND TELL ME WHY I HAD A HOLE.
She called back and said..."No is just a weird thing that happens with some types of yarn and this pattern.  It will be fine at the end you won't even notice."
I pressed on and finished this very sweet, very small vest the next day.  I loved everything about knitting this little vest and I plan to knit more....

 But the success I had with that little vest just gave me more fuel to add to my "I need to knit a grown up sweater" fire BURNING inside me.  And last Wednesday night I just decided to pick SOMETHING and try it.  I looked and looked and looked.  I finally decided on the Whispy pattern from Knitbot.  I read like EVERY project on Ravelry and it was talked about as an easy to knit cardigan.  I went to Fibre Space and asked my favorite yarn lady what she thought...and she thought..."Those are tiny needles with tiny yarn...are you up for this kind of commitment?"
 I was sure I was up for it.  I had been whipping through so many projects I thought it would be good to have something to keep me busy longer than a few days.  I wanted to focus on just one thing.  Well...
 I have been knitting my head off and I am just about to bind off the 2nd sleeve.  It is taking me FOREVER to get to this point.  It is all stockinette stitch for the 2 sleeves and the upper shrug part of the it is not the most diverse start to this cardigan.  But I am here...I am committed and I am excited to see how it all ends up.  I will admit to being 1 day behind where I should be.  But I knit the first sleeve in the medium and at the end I realized this would be WAY to big for me.  So I ripped out the whole thing and smiled so as not to cry.  I did not want to knit 9 more inches in stockinette on size 6 with fingering weight yarn.  But I asked for this.  I wanted a light cardigan knit with light yarn so I did not add any bulk to my GROWING figure....
 So here I am 1 week since swatching (which I had never done before but I actually took the time with this sweater) and I actually have made progress.  I am so excited to see the finished product.  I have grand visions of a perfect fit with GREAT style.
 By the way...(I am wearing my School House Tunic that I sewed a few months ago. I think I made 3 or 4 of them and I wear them  ALL the time.  I am thinking of sewing a few more)
 And just because I finally FINISHED this project I thought I would share.  I knit the Chloe sweater last spring.  I finished the entire sweater in just a few short days..but I could not get the button loop thing worked out.  I also did not LOVE the yarn color I knit it in.  I ordered it off the Internet and the color was more peachy than pink and I think I hated the color I never cared if I finished it for wear.  But my mom is good at crocheting and she did the button loop for me.
 I LOVE this little sweater and I remember LOVING the project while I was working on it.  Alana Dakos of  Never Not Knitting is one of my favorite pattern designers right now.  She writes really good patterns and I just love her taste.
So that is it for now.  I hope to show you ME and MY Whispy soon!!!

Join Ginny for some GREAT knitting inspiration...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Pics..

I am NO expert..if anything the exact opposite.  And let me just say nothing thrills me more than when people say they like my pictures or my still my HEART.

But let me just share a few thoughts and tell you the picture situation for me .

* I have a D-90, which I love.  I have 2 lenses. One is the 50mm and the other is a AF-S Nikkor 18-200mm.  I use them both equally.  I love my 200mm for it's zoom and it also gives GREAT bokah.  It is really heavy and I usually ditch it when I go places and then regret the ditch.
*I have no real editing program. I use Picassa to upload, crop and brighten my pictures.  I would like something a bit more fancy, but fancy cost $ and usually a learning curve, and I have neither available to me right now.
*I usually shoot is Manual..actually I ALWAYS shoot in manual.  Not really because I know what I am doing but because I can play with the things I know give DRAMATICALLY different results.  I am always fooling with Aperture, shutter, and speed and my secret weapon WHITE BALANCE!!  It is amazing the difference White Balance can make in a picture.
*Shooting in manual  is not always the best move because if something happens fast and I want a shot of it I can totally miss it if things are not JUST right...I hate that.
*I go in and out of moods of wanting to take lots of pictures but I know how happy they make me.

I don't know if this helps or explains how this mama gets the pictures she gets...but I thought I would share.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Day

 My friend Jane and I were talking the other day and she asked me, "How do you have time to do all this knitting? What about laundry, housework and school stuff?"
 I probably gave her more details then she wanted, but it left me wondering if anyone else wondered this.  I know we are all so busy these days no matter how many children you have. Wondering how people get it all done is a common question.  I listen to certain pod-cast people, or read the blogs of some women and I often think.."Oh my...I could never do that."
 But I will brief you on how certain things flow in this here life of mine...first I will start with Pete..I get SO much done because of him being who he is.  He is a guy who likes clean floors, folded laundry and clean counters. So HE HELPS ME A TON!!  He is always working right beside me when he is home.  I keep up with most of the essentials of laundry and picking up throughout the day, but he always helps when he can.
 I have mentioned before that I am not much of a CLEANER..but I do FORCE myself to clean potties and sweep and mop floors on a regular/daily basis.  I am constantly in a repeat pattern of those few items.   I am always making deals with myself..."When you get the kids down for a nap you must set the timer and clean the kitchen cabinets for 15 minutes before you can TOUCH a knitting needle."
 I have also had the girls pitch in with lots of laundry folding and putting away.  I am pretty much always on top of laundry because I won't let myself do other things until that is done. happens Monday-Wednesday from 8:00 until it is done (Thursday they go to a day school and we don't do school on Fridays. Sunday afternoon we have 2 to 3 subjects we will do too).  Some days school is done by 2:30..other days we end by noon.  I am really focused during that time on moving from child to child getting assignments done and keeping the little girls happy and NOT FIGHTING.  Keeping them from fighting is my biggest challenge this year.  They have a 5 minute window of happy play before someone gets burned.  So between lessons and helping the girls and Jack I am moving the little girls from one thing to the next.  It is a CRAZY few hours but I try and stay focused the whole time.
I may switch out laundry or run the swifter during school time..but I try to keep my mind on school.  At 1:00 our family has quiet time.  Priscilla still naps everyday and Lucy sleeps 2/3 days a week.  But even if you are not a napper, you are in your room for 1-2 hours for quiet reading/play time.  I try to NOT do school during this time, but most days I have to do some sort of schooling and it can sometimes take all of the quiet time.  I really try to plan the morning to have that time free for whatever I need to do.  And lately I have used that time for some knitting and reading..for me!!

 The girls also try to keep their quiet time to themselves. They love the peaceful calm that comes over the house and they cherish the reading time too.  They work really hard to have all school done by quiet time or finish up during this time.  I won't always knit because sometimes I have stuff to do that did not get done in the morning hours.
 Basically I am working at all of everything ALL day long.  When I don't have anymore "work" to do I knit and knit and knit.  And at night when my brain is toast and my body is wore out I knit for  about 2 hours.  And lately with the weather being so nice I will take the kids to out lake and knit a few rows while they throw rocks in the water.  I knit at cheer leading practice, and in the car while I am waiting to pick the kids up from their day-school and while I am waiting for pasta to boil for dinner...just whenever I have a minute I LOVE to do a row or 2.
 We all make time for what matters to us.  Right now knitting matters to me so I use my time throughout the day as best as I can so I can knit when the minute arises.  I think having something to look forward to doing helps keep me focused. It helps me get my work done so I feel good when I am not working. 
I am sure I could do more housework, or read just a little more to the little kids, or many other things..but this is the way it is for me right now.  I am here and I am sure I have room for improvement....but I do the best I can and the days I don't do the best I can I try harder the next day. 

p.s the colors here are amazing right now and I have taken more pictures of leaves than I ever thought possible...fall rocks!!

and another p.s...notice I did not say much about cooking. Right now simple is my main course. I do not spend a lot of time or money on food right now.  We eat chili, taco's, chicken breast with rice, pasta and chicken with broccoli, steak with baked potatoes, chicken soup, sausage with pasta, red beans and rice...stuff like that.  I have like 10 things I make OVER and OVER again with little variations that I know people like.  One day I hope to have more to add to that list but right now eating is a job to be checked off the list so I can move on to other jobs. I know one day it will not be like that...but this season simple is our dinner of choice!!