Monday, October 3, 2011

Taking Advantage

 For some reason I have had this BURST of energy these last 2 weeks.  I am not sure if  is because the weather is changing and I just can do more when I am not DYING from being hot....
 or because I am finding my grove and getting back into things that make me HAPPY..
 But whatever the reason I am LOVING the energy and so are my little ones.  I am taking a little fall break this week and I plan on doing some fun stuff.  I knew hitting DC and the Metro was on my list I just was not sure when. 

We had a super fun day yesterday when we went to the Fiber Fest and Sheep Dog Trials .................

so the idea of going to the city today was almost out.  But I woke up and decided..

 "Let's Just Go!!"  We had the best time.  Pete had school, of course, so it was just me and my littles. 
 The kids were great and Priscilla was with us, I promise, but she was on my back the WHOLE day.  I found it a little difficult with my budding belly..but I would much rather have her close to me and safe then me running after her all day.
 These are the  moments you wonder if they will remember?  Will they remember me taking them on the Metro and them holding their own ticket?  Will they remember the pure excitement they felt ALL day as they got to discover what a cool place they live by...
 I have to say when I do things like this I feel like a pretty good mama. It is hard and sometimes VERY tiring..but what a day!!
 And to top it off I got to wear the scarf I just finished knitting the night before.  This is probably the WORST picture you will ever lay your eyes on because the bathroom I shot this in has the most awful lighting.  But wearing it made me happy and that was a big part of my day.
So, here's to a full day with my kids, my scarf and some great memories to carry with me through the times when there is NO energy..because those days come...more often than I would like!!


  1. You go mama! I have to say that the thought of 5 kids in DC by myself makes me tense, but good for you! We actually went to a fiber fest/sheep dog demo over the weekend too. :) Definitely take advantage while you are feeling good!

  2. Hi Lisa,
    We are most always up for a trip to DC. Give us a call anytime you'd like some company either in DC or before pick up on Thursdays.
    Mary Chris

  3. Kyle and Kyra were really little and I braved a trip on the metro to D.C. I bought a thin modern glass vase that still sits in my kitchen window to remind me of the trip. I could not believe I braved it myself! I am more in awe that you did it with 3 more kids! Glad you had such a great time and your scarf is beautiful!

  4. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I have always wanted to visit D.C.! Your kids are just getting so big - hope you are feeling ok with #6!! So excited for you guys!