Friday, October 28, 2011

Sorry About The Overkill

 All is well in Lucy's world.  She is still well on her way to WEARING me out EVERYDAY..thanks be to God.  We have been to several Dr's over this past week and they all confirm Lyme's and her full recovery.  The worst of the matter will be random "episodes"...sometimes it will be in her joints and other times headaches.  These episodes can last for up to 1 year...but may diminish sooner.  Overall we are at peace and we feel good about all the follow up appointment she will have to monitor her little joints to be sure these "episodes" don't cause more permanent damage.  And let me say thank you all for the texts, e-mails, phone calls and comments.  What a blessing to know people are praying for her.  I just encourage you to pass on that last post to anyone who lives in a tic heavy area.  The signs for Lyme's can be subtle and left untreated ...not good.....

Meanwhile...I was somewhat busy knitting away this week while Lucy and I sat for hours waiting for Dr's to come see her.  This little hat knit on little needles was the perfect hat to keep my mind occupied and hands busy. This is my first truly striped pattern.  I used the jogless striped method and for the first half of the hat I was doing it wrong...

 You have to slip the marker and slip one as if to purl..and for some reason in my brain that meant hold the yarn in front.  So for some of the rows there is a little stitch with a bar at the bottom where I held the yarn in front of the slipped stitch.  I was so annoyed at myself and was tempted to begin ALL over...but that ribbed part of the hat was knit on sz. 3 needles and DK took me like 3 days to go 3 inches.  I could not bring myself to live through that 3 inches again.  But NOBODY will ever see that little bar UNTIL I SHOW THEM...which I know I will....silly me!
 Now..about the color.  It is gray and yellow in a shiny Sublime yarn.  I saw this hat knit up at my favorite yarn store Fibre was in these colors. The pattern called for The Fibre Company yarn in 2 great colors..but my Fibre Space did not have this yarn.  There was something so FUN about this hat that made me decide that silver and yellow were JUST the colors for me.  I really want to practice with stripes and I thought I could handle this little hat.  As I was knitting I was getting a little worried that I would HATE the colors once I was done..I DO NOT HATE THEM!!  It is such a fun hat and I actually like to colors!!

 The picture in the pattern the brim is not folded...I HAD to fold my brim.  I am not sure if it is because I may have gotten a little carried away on my K1P1 ribbed brim and gone a little over 3 inches...but it looks cute and that's all that matters...
 I am wearing the hat today ...but I am SURE to loose this hat to a few little girls who also fell in love with it when I was finished.  It looks super cute on Emily and Lucy ..and even Jack can wear it (I am sure Molly and Priscilla look good in it to, they just have not tried it on yet).  So it will be like so many of my hats...first come first serve!!
So ..that is my hat story with WAY more info that you probably wanted.  Pete took all these pictures after lots of laughter on his picture taking skills.  I did not even realize I was getting some belly shots while showing off my new hat..but that is so fun.

I love seeing my baby belly AFTER I have the baby.  It is so hard to remember what it looked like and even felt like after that baby comes.

Check out the pattern on is free, fun and exciting!!


  1. Great baby belly ... I am glad you shared. And great hat! What is the pattern name --I can't get the link to link? I never saw you on ravelry...I am scmom.

    I am glad that Lucy is doing better. She has been on my mind since I read her tick story. Very scary indeed!

  2. Just glad she is OK ~ scary stuff when things like that happen to your children. We went through a difficult illness that took a year to cure with my oldest child and it was one of the hardest things I have ever lived through. On to a better subject - helped me when I first got my D-90. I was wondering what lens you are using with your outside shots of your children....I love the crisp, clear shots you get with the great bokeh..can you share that info? Your photography is great! Thanks.

  3. Very cute hat! It looks great on you, and your kids, I'm sure. ;) I love the orange mittens too!

  4. So sorry to hear about Lucy and very glad she is doing better. Your handwork is just beautiful...I don't think I'll try knitting yet, but I did purchase a small crochet project the other day to start learning on. You and Ginny have convinced me that I can do it too! I'm thinking of you and your family as you go though this exciting and stressful time with college, baby, sickness, and holidays in a new place. My girls are telling me these last few weeks of the semester are killing them so I imagine Pete must be experiencing some of same. As a military wife suppoting my husband through so many schools...I know it can be stressful. Blessings on your family and thanks for the beautiful eye candy....your pictures are amazing.

  5. Lisa, you are so beautiful!!! I love the baby pics, thank Pete for all of us down here in Alabama missing you! So so glad to hear that Lucy is doing good, we will continue to pray for a smooth recovery over the next year. We love and miss you all!! Can't wait to see pics of the newest Melnick!!

  6. Lisa! I love the orange mittens, the saturation of orange dye in the yarn is gorgeous! The hat is darling too; keep up your beautiful knitting! :D