Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Story of Knitting..Part 1

I started this blog about 2 years ago. I found Pioneer Woman, got a camera and have made several posts since.  I wanted to take cool pictures, write witty things and just be part of the blogging world.  I was then led to read lots of other blogs, most with cool pictures. I really had nothing specific to add to the blog world.  I did not have ranch and recipes to share.  I did not make jelly from homegrown berries. I was just me with my own thoughts and I thought the world would be a better place if they knew what those thoughts were.
 I was somehow led to Ginny's blog and was instantly taken with her photos and her lifestyle.  Up until that point I had never seen a mom with knitting needles and a garden that you actually eat from.  I was taken.  I admired what she shared and I was inspired to walk down her road a bit.  I then began clicking around her comments and noticed that all these moms were knitters too.  I was so surprised..people actually knit??  A lot??  And cute stuff?  I decided I wanted in!!  I needed to learn to knit.  I am happy I knew myself well enough to not be inspired to start a garden...
 I called my local yarn shop and asked when I could come in.  I told her I knew nothing ..but I wanted to make a scarf..TONIGHT!!  I had to wait like 3 whole days before my lesson took place.  My lesson was at 6:30...which of course led me to leave my house at 4:00.  I needed time to look through this yarn that all these knitters in the blog world went crazy for.  I walked in the place and was COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED!!  I knew instantly that I knew NOTHING!!
And the funny thing is..I now know that what I really didn't know was how much I REALLY didn't know!!  I walked around DAZED and really out of my element.  I wanted to feel connected to this yarn and have an instinct to reach for just the right skein..but really I had no instinct and I actually made some pretty horrible decisions when I began my walk with knitting needles. 

The shop I lived near was your stereotypical shop.  The lady who greeted me was a little snip and she was not THRILLED to be helping me.  I could tell that my ignorance ANNOYED her to no end.  I did not let that stop me.  I kept asking questions and bugging her for help.  I figured I would eventually win her over with my gratefulness...not sure that ever worked....but I wanted to knit and I was not going to let the cranky knitter stop me.

Thankfully my first lesson when I learned to cast on was not with the cranky was with the store owner.  She did a great job teaching me that night.  I left knowing how to cast on and do the knit stitch...
Life has never been the same since...

Come back tomorrow for more of this RIVETING story...


  1. I'm so glad you didn't let that old crank deter you. Truth be told, sometimes I am wa-a-ay motivated by people in that category! It's not very nice but thinking 'I'll show them!' gives me a boost sometimes!!!

  2. Your nicer than I would have been. I wouldn't have returned to see the cranky knitter again. :) I'm glad you stuck with it though. Those red cables are gorgeous!

  3. Well, I think it's riveting!
    btw-My kids have all been sick ever since we got home from the beach, you know...slowly trickling through one by one. And you and I still haven't gotten together!!! Soon I hope!

  4. oh my gosh, i wish we lived near each other, i teach and i love to help. this really disappoints me to no end, but i do know what you mean about some knitting shop 'helpers'.

    i hope you know that everyone feels like this at the beginning, and that we are ALL always learning. love your gloves and now i'm off to be your ravelry friend. :)

    and i loved reading your knitting story.