Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More Yarn..and a 10 Year Old

 May I present to you ...my 10 year old, her mittens and her cabled hat.
 These mittens are the first time I carried color up the side of my work...and somehow the mittens were ONLY photographed showing the row I carried my yarn up the side where I made some mistakes and the yarn showed.  But really..who cares???  These mittens were so cute on her and I would say it was a good first try at carrying my color.

 The hat is now hers as well.  I knit it for Pete and then realized it looked way to feminine on him with the cable.  I then tried it on and did not love it.  So today when I wanted to shoot her mittens I asked her to throw this hat on so I could get some pictures of it.
 We twisted the cable to the side and INSTANT love!!  WE both loved it on her and she is now the proud owner of this Spud and Cloe bulky cable hat. 

 This last week has been touchey with knitting.  I was not in a good grove with anything and I felt pretty discouraged about a few attempts I had made.

 The other bummer thing is I REALLY want to knit a sweater/cardigan for me....but right now I am ....larger than normal ALL over...especially in the milk department.  So I do not want to buy, knit and hate my first sweater.  And then I keep thinking ...baby knits...baby knits.  But I don't know who this baby is yet and I am not wanting 14 things in neautral colors.

 But I sit here bubbling with hope for a great knitting week ahead of me.  I love where I have been and I love where I am going...
Pop over to Ginny's where the real knitting magic happen...but you all know that already


  1. Oh my goodness, your girl is beautiful, and so like you, so I guess that makes you beautiful too :) The hat looks great on her, definitely a girl's hat and the mitts are fab, no flaws obvious to me.

  2. Nice photos! And lovely knitting too, of course. I really got addicted to knitting baby things during my last pregnancy. It's so nice being able to quickly crank out adorable tiny gifts for the little one.

  3. Your daughter is gorgeous and the handknits are beautiful on her.

    You did a great job on those mittens and don't let anyone tell you differently! ;-)

  4. I am in love with those mittens!!!

    And your model is pretty cute too!

  5. darling hat and mittens, and just so pretty on your beautiful girl. hope you find your knitting rhythm again soon.

  6. Knit something tiny in dark blue and then when you find out what your little one is, go button shopping! That would be such fun...

  7. I love that hat! What pattern is it? Your daughter is beautiful and it's a perfect hat for her.