Sunday, October 9, 2011

Knitter That Grew

I really want to be a GREAT knitter.  I have this goal of being able to knit anything I want.  I should say, I want to have the ability to knit anything I want.  Achieving this goal is going to take me awhile.  I think I can be patient...but it is hard.  I really want to be good NOW...

(Do not try and wipe off your is not dirty..that is the door to our basement which mostly little hands touch.)

 Back in Mobile a friend asked me, "Do you REALLY like knitted items?" I thought to myself..not ALL knitted items, but lately I have found styles and pieces that I dream this and this, and SO this , and especially this So I have to answer with a big yes ...I like the RIGHT KNITTED THINGS!!

 But it also about the process.  I like the discovery and accomplishment that comes with the skill of knitting.  But for right now..I have a long way to go to consider myself accomplished.  But guess what? There is hope.  The woman who started Ravelry learned to knit in 2004.  By 2006 she and her husband started Raverly.  She is now a go to knitter in the knitting world.  Go figure!!  I am not sure if she had 5, soon to be 6, kids and homeschooling..but I am sure she was busy too. And look where she began and where she is now.  Who knows what the future holds for me, 2 sticks, and some yarn...
 Today I told my girls that one day I will knit their babies BEAUTIFUL things, but right now they will have to settle for mittens with larger than normal thumb holes and too short scarves because I am on my way to being good at knitting.
I tell myself getting good at anything takes practice, LOTS of practice. And sometimes it is not easy. But there is pleasure in the struggle and  joy in knowing you are headed somewhere you want to go.

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  1. You are so sweet. This morning I am inspired by your enthusiasm to knit. I too need lots of practice and am endlessly frustrated by not being able to fully 'get' knitting. I can cast on and off, plain and purl but that is about all. I remember that you took a knitting class and am wondering if I should do the same? It is good news too to hear about the woman from Ravelry. And I love your last line, "... there is pleasure in the struggle and joy in knowing you are headed somewhere you want to go." Thank you, Katie x