Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kind Of A Yarn Along

Not much getting done around here ..I took a knitting class last night and I have been absolutely obsessed with knitting these last few day.  I am just NOW getting the hang of Raverly..what an amazing site.  I am the knitterthatgrew.  If you are on Rav can you be my friend? I love looking through ALL the projects that are stashed. Please do it this week because next week I am back to school and my knitting has to cool down a little.
I had great plans of doing Ginny's yarn along today..with detailed pictures and info, but I got caught up in knitting and my good light left the building...
but for right now let me just say I am making MITTENS!!  I finished 1 and am 3 inches up the other....
I have a great cowl casted on and waiting my attention and I ordered a new knitting book today to have as my pass time reading..
Brave New Knits?? Anyone?


  1. I haven't read Brave New Knits, but it sounds great. I'm so glad you've found more knitting inspiration. :) Those skeins are beautiful. I friended you on ravelry!

  2. Don't know how to find you on Ravelry. ;-) I am scmom if you want to find me!