Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Glorious Fall Yarn Along

 There is no better time to be a knitter than fall..well winter is fun too.  But fall has all the promise of cozy days to come before the reality of cold weather sets in. 
 And all around me leaves are changing, falling and turning the most glorious colors.  I am glad to report that I have a few projects to share..with great JOY and HAPPINESS!!!

 First is my shawl thing..the pattern is here.  This is what kicked off some confidence with my knitting.  This was fun, easy and WONDERFUL to work on.  I saw a really cute sales girls at the knitting store I LOVE...and she was wearing it.  I asked her for the pattern..and now I OWN ONE TOO!!  Looking at it makes me want to knit another one...

 The girls were out the afternoon I NEEDED this picture taken so I asked Jack to take it for me..this is what I got.  But I had to show you that I LOVE this thing and I am wearing it ALL the time.  I did this wrap neck tie thing and I love it.  If I knit another I may go bigger.
 And would you look at this...I DID THIS..EVERY SINGLE STITCH and CABLE!!  I can not believe this is MY knitting and I am showing this on MY blog!  I think I can say .."My name is Lisa and I am officially a KNITTER!!"  I finished late Monday night and wore it all day Tuesday even though it was like 80 degrees and still damp from blocking.
 I made 3 mistakes that make no difference what-so-ever.  The more important detail is I fixed several mistakes I made.  That is what feels good as each project progresses...I am seeing the right and wrong of the stitches I make and I know what to do with some of them..some of them just require the good old fashioned RIPPING out..but with this little beauty I never turned back once I started.  The pattern is here and you all must buy the yarn she is fall heaven on a needle and cable!

 And in other great fall knitting news....
I made these mittens...I knitted both of them in 2 days on double points and I have to admit ...I think I like double points.  I took a class to get me over the fear of mitten making and now I am working on another pair for my Emily's 10th birthday.  This time I am using 2 colors..and let me just share that I have ripped them out 3 times already because I am sloppy when it comes to trying new things.  I just want to finish so  know what they will look like.  I need to slow down.  I just can't help myself sometimes...


  1. Yep! I would definitely say you're a knitter! It's all gorgeous!

    Have a lovely day!

  2. Don't you just love the kerchief? I just recently knit it myself and adore it! Your cables look beautiful, it's going to be gorgeous when it's finished.

  3. Thank you for the nice comment on my blog. The triangular scarf I am knitting right now is not my pattern, though. If you just search Ravelry for "triangular scarf with eyelet rows" you should be able to find it easily. I chose this pattern, because it knits from the middle up and I did not have to worry about running out of yarn. If you can't find it let me know...
    Have a wonderful day! Anke

  4. Those are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

  5. What wonderful colors you picked! Your work is so pretty.

  6. I'm so impressed by the fact that one day (not all that long ago) you woke up and said, "I want to knit." and by golly, you did! And you didn't just make a pot holder or something, you seriously started knitting real stuff! Congratulations, Lisa, you rock!

    Oh, I saw this cartoon the other day and it made me think of you. I wish I could share it here to go with your post, but I'll email it to you for a chuckle!

  7. so many lovely knits and I am so in awe of your cabled cowl!! That is fantastic :) I really want to try knitting cables this fall to :)

  8. Your knitting is beautiful!

  9. You're definitely a knitter! That cowl is ah-mazing! I love the color, and the cables are beautiful. You did a fantastic job. The shawl is great too, and Jack takes wonderful pictures. :)

  10. How beautiful everything is, and you've not been knitting long? You are a natural. Oh, and your so pretty too, you look lovely in your new scarf. Such a gorgeous autumn knitting post.

  11. I love all your amazing pictures and fall is my favorite season . You are so pretty and what a beautiful scarf you´ve made, congratulations!!!Greetings from Brazil.

  12. I still am not quite sure what a "yarn along" is....but I am so impressed by your knitting-Wow! Beautiful! You have a gift.