Friday, October 21, 2011

As Promised ..part 2

 I know some of you are not knitter's who read this little blog of mine.  I am sorry if you are SO over hearing about knitting.  By now I am sure you have figured out that I am NOT PIONEER woman with several tabs to choose from..nor am I like Betty Beguiles who blogs about a range of topics...I am me and this is it.  And before I became a knitter I  would have never understood how there can be so much to say about 2 sticks and some stitches.  But once you drink the Kool-Aid, life is never the same again.
 So...back to my lessons at the yarn shop....
The 2nd lesson I had was actually with CRANKY knitter. She was to teach me purling.  She was not thrilled and I was even less so.  But I was desperate to knit and I didn't care how the information came to me...I just wanted it.  At the time I am not even sure I was fully aware of her attitude towards the whole thing.  It is in looking back that I have clarity on the situation.  She told me the basics of purling and then told me I was doing it way to tight and I needed to loosen up...HOW COULD I LOOSED UP??  I was desperately trying to hold 2 sticks , a thin piece of yarn and a project in the making...what do I loosen up on?  I left the store that night able to purl...barely.
 I think back on that yarn shop and what the vibe was in there. It was not was I was reading on the Internet.  The yarn was limited and I saw pretty lame samples hanging on the walls.  Through different blogs I had found I knew knitting did NOT have to be that way.  The 2 main women who worked there were not very encouraging. They seemed the be the keepers of all things knitted and they were not that willing to share what they knew.
 However,  there were 2 part time workers that I happened to meet one day when I ran in and they were way more fun and helpful.  One woman had a book called Weekend Knitting and she was really helpful picking out yarn and leading me to a fun pattern.  Unfortunately she did not work there often.
 And then I met Sophie.  Sophie is a beautiful young girl who is SUPER talented at knitting.  She would wear the most adorable knitted items and be ready to whip out the pattern and yarn she used.  Just seeing her inspired me to want to know more.  She was 16 at the most , and had been knitting for a few years.  I wanted to learn everything she knew.  I don't know if I will ever be as good as Sophie.
 I have been thinking so much about these initial experiences with knitting because I have learned so much and I have so much more to learn.  I love going to yarn stores and I think the knitting business is fascinating.  It is such a personal business. You are influenced by so many things and they are all very people oriented.  I like that.  The yarn store I go to now is 45 minutes from my house.  People there LOVE to knit...but the cooler part of this store is THEY LOVE TO SHARE. They have GREAT samples and they make you want to knit GREAT stuff.  The place is PACKED all the time and classes fill up before you can get your name on the list.  They teach cool stuff. 
Sadly there is a knitting store right down the road from me.  I have gone there from time to time ..but I find it very UNINSPIRING!!  The women are nice enough..but the energy and love of knits is slower and less contagious.  The classes are lame and the yarn is so-so. 

But hey, what do I know really???  I am so new at this.  But I want to pass this energy on to others.  I would like to teach people to love this craft.  I would like to inspire someone to struggle through the learning curve.  I have a long way to go before I could teach anyone anything...but getting people fired up and interested anyone can do.

Who knows if this was a good story.  Probably a bit long for some of you.  Sometimes I hate reading long blog posts.  But I just wanted to share and remember the beginning of this amazing journey I have begun...


  1. I think your knitting is beautiful! And just think of the lessons you are instilling in your children, the importance of creating, how to handle mistakes, how to follow through, what to do when you just can't, how to encourage others....rejoicing in art together...the list could just go on and on. It's a wonderful thing!

  2. Hi Lisa!

    I just wanted to write and tell you how much it meant to me to read what you think of me. I've been going through some rough spots in my life and feeling kind of useless; it really gladdened my heart to read about how I was able to make a positive impact on your life. You are an excellent knitter--and I'm not just saying that--you have made some very beautiful treasures! Your tension is smooth and even, and your taste in patterns and yarn is impeccable! Tell the girls that I said hi!

    Happy knitting!


  3. I am working on my knitting skill this month too....would you share the pattern for the cardigan in the picture? I love it.. My email is I would really appreciate it! You are doing so well with knitting...keep it up! Don't know how you find the time but I am glad you are able to!