Sunday, September 11, 2011

Watch and Learn

There is this family at our new church that we met the very first Mass we attended. After Mass there was coffee and donuts, which I try to avoid because sitting still for 1hr. early in the morning just to be released into a sugar over dose is something I find..not easy to deal with.
But hey, we just moved to the area and I know what it takes to meet people, stick around and meet them.
After the place cleared out a bit there was a man and his 3 daughters and two sons talking with Pete.  Pete is like the mayor of every room we walk into.  Yet another reason I avoid coffee and donuts, he is shaking hands and kissing babies and I am running around after the sugar kicks in trying to keep the little ones alive...but anyway, this is Pete and I love him for it!!

After Priscilla found the I-touch in my purse I was able to walk over and meet this family.  The kids were all high school or older...all sweet as can be and just wonderful to talk with.  They lovingly joked with thier dad.  They spoke highly of each other..each girl being a reference for her sister on her skills as a babysitter.  They spoke to our kids, complimented the little girls dresses (complimenting behavior was out at this point), teased Jack about him being king of this castle. 
They said that this was only half of their family, the other 5 siblings and mom was not there that morning.  I remember thinking to myself.."I want to be this family!! I want my kids to be those kids."  I eventually had to break Pete away and round up our little family.  I remember thinking.."What did those parents do to create such seemingly lovely children?"
We have seen them at church several times.  They are not all together often because several children go to college or are already working and living elsewhere.  But for some reason I was NEVER able to meet the mom.  Until the other day...
We were at another church to meet other families for an open house.  This woman came up to me and introduced herself (I love when people do that). I thought her name sounded familiar and she said the same about mine.  I mentioned we had just moved from Alabama and my husband was a Coastie.  She then said, "You have met most of my family then.  My husband and kids said they met you and your family and I never was able to meet you after mass."
"You are the mom of those amazing children??  I have been dying to meet you.  Your children are so wonderful. Tell me EVERYTHING you have ever done..please!"

As you can imagine this moment, just picture lots of people around us and Priscilla trying to tell me that Lucy just wronged her in some horrid way..I'm thinking.."Not now children I am trying to find out how to make you people wonderful in the future"

And this mom says to me, "You know when I was a young mother I just always looked around for other families whom I admired and I asked them questions.  I observed and copied good parenting.  I found parents doing things I thought looked good and asked them all about it."

I do that!!  I do.  I am always looking to other people for what works and what looks to not be working.  I know all families are different, but their are some principals and values that are universal and I love absorbing from those around me..

Now I just have to figure out how to get this woman to invite me to dinner so I can get just a bit more specific. Ask questions like, what would you do if you were trying to talk to people while your 2 year old WANTED your attention...
But that is silly because I know the answer...STOP AND GIVE HER THE ATTENTION..


  1. I don't think we ever get to old to have a "role model". And nothing is better than an awesome mom to model ourselves after!

  2. Hi...someone gave me a link to you because you just moved to VA. me too! we are in the Richmond area. just wanted to touch base with you and find out where you are. i see my sweet friend sasha on your facebook thing too. she's one of my besties.

  3. Lisa, your kids are always so well behaved when I see them! Your girls are always smiling and happy, and they're so well behaved in Mass! I'm always afraid I'm scaring people away with my kids' behavior!:-)

  4. Oh Lisa! I am so happy for you that you are finding great mom's brains to pick.
    Remember that YOU are an amazing mom also and many want to pick your brain.
    Miss you.